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    Where to Watch The Athena Golf Tournament in USA?

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    What is The Athena Golf Tournament?

    The Athena Golf Tournament is a unique event in the world of professional women’s golf, designed to showcase emerging and established talent in a format that differs from traditional golf tournaments.

    The Athena 2023 marks the third edition of an innovative golf tournament designed to spotlight Australia’s emerging female golf talents. A collaborative effort between the WPGA Tour of Australasia, the PGA of Australia, Golf Australia, and Evolve Sports Group, this event distinguishes itself with a unique format and a focus on youth engagement.

    When is The Athena Golf Tournament?

    The Athena Golf Tournament, a highlight of PGA Australia, unfolds on  February, 24th, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. This event is not just a display of top-tier golfing talent but also a celebration of sportsmanship and skill.

    For international fans eager to catch every moment, ExpressVPN offers a reliable solution to overcome geo-restrictions, making it possible to watch the tournament live on Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world.

    What is The Athena Golf Tournament Start Time?

    The Athena Golf Tournament is scheduled to tee off at 9:00 a.m. on February 24, 2024. This early start time ensures a full day of competitive play, allowing golf enthusiasts to immerse themselves in every drive, chip, and putt from the comfort of their homes.

    For fans watching from in USA, remember that ExpressVPN is your gateway to catching the live action. By connecting to an Australian server, you can access Kayo Sports seamlessly, ensuring you don’t miss the tournament’s start or any of its memorable moments.

    The Athena Golf Tournament Venue

    The latest edition of the PGA Tour Australia will kick off with The Athena Round 3 in 2024, showcasing a new and prestigious venue. Set to take place at the esteemed Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club in Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt area.

    The Athena Golf Tournament Players

    Here’s a list of players participating in The Athena Golf Tournament:

  • Kelsey Bennett (New South Wales) – Returning to The Athena stage after an impressive rookie season on the LET Access Series.
  • Cassie Porter (Queensland) -Dived into her Rookie season on the Futures Tour in the United States with notable finishes.
  • Amy Chu – Known for her strength in golf from a young age, including captaining the Golf NSW team to victory in the 2018 Women’s Interstate Matches.
  • Claire Shin – Turned professional in late 2023 at just 18, with a significant-finish at the ISPS HANDA Australian Open.
  • Caitlin Peirce – Won the amateur medal at the same event as Shin, showcasing her talent early in her career.
  • Jess Whitting (Perth) – Known for a remarkable hole-in-one at the Webex Players Series Murray River.
  • Skye Lampton (Darwin Golf Club) – The first Indigenous woman to participate in The Athena, champion at the 2023 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Championship.
  • Rhianna Lewis (Queensland) – A familiar face in the professional circuits.
  • Sarah Yamaki Branch (Queensland) – Another seasoned player joining the field.
  • Elmay Viking (Cook Islands) – Bringing international flair to the event.
  • Steph Bunque (Victoria) – A Victorian golfer with a strong presence.
  • Dannie Vasquez (New South Wales) – Completing the lineup with her skills and of course, personality.
  • Where to Watch The Athena Golf Tournament Live Streaming?

    To enjoy the PGA Tour Australia, Kayo Sports stands as the ultimate platform within Australia, delivering extensive coverage straight to your screens. Internationally, ExpressVPN is your gateway to Kayo Sports, ensuring you’re part of every thrilling moment while trying out the Kayo Sports free trial.

    The Athena Golf Tournament Stats

    The stats of the key players of The Athena Golf Tournament are shown in the table below:

    Total Points

    Caitlin Peirce

    Amelia Mehmet Grohn

    Rhianna Lewis

    Keeley Marx

    Grace Lennon

    Sarah Yamaki Branch

    Justice Bosio

    Kelsey Bennett

    Molly McLean

    Hanee Song

    Jordan O’Brien

    Kono Matsumoto

    What is the Ticket Price of The Athena Golf Tournament?

    Here are the price ranges for The Athena Golf Tournament:

    General Admission:

    • Practice Day Pass (2-day): $10
    • Single Day Pass: From $21
    • Weekend Pass: From $35
    • Season Pass: From $60

    Premium Offerings:

    • Champions Club
    • Birdie Package (Champions Club)
    • Bridges Club

    Children’s Admission: Free for those 17 and under with a paying adult; no ticket is required for children.

    What are the Predictions of The Athena Golf Tournament?

    The key predictions for the Athena Golf Tournament include:

    • Innovative Format Engagement: The unique format of The Athena, starting with “The Combine” challenges on Saturday and moving to matchplay on Sunday, is expected to draw significant interest from both participants and spectators. This format showcases players’ skills in a fun and engaging way, likely enhancing viewer enjoyment and player satisfaction.
    • Rising Stars to Watch: With a mix of eight professionals and four amateurs, the tournament is set to highlight some of the best young talents in women’s golf. Players like Kelsey Bennett, Amelia Mehmet Grohn, Hanee Song, and Grace Lennon are among the top professionals to watch, given their impressive backgrounds and recent performances.
    • Amateur Standouts: Among the amateurs, Justice Bosio is a notable contender, having been a runner-up in the Australian Amateur twice and soon participating in the Augusta National Women’s Invitational. Her performance could be a key storyline of the tournament.

    How to Buy a Ticket for The Athena Golf Tournament?

    To buy a ticket for the Athena Golf Tournament, follow these concise steps:

    • Visit Ticketek: Access Ticketek to find tickets and premium experiences for the event.
    • Select Ticket Type: Choose from available options, including:
      • General Admission
      • Premium Offerings
    • Download Brochure: For detailed information on premium experiences, download the event’s Premium Experiences Brochure from the website.

    What is the Prize Money for The Athena Golf Tournament Winner?

    The prize money for the winner of The Athena Golf Tournament is generally $30,000.

    What is the Format of The Athena Golf Tournament?

    The Athena Golf Tournament unfolds over two days with a distinctive format that emphasizes skill, strategy, and competition among participants.

    Day 1 – The Combine (Saturday, February 24, 2024): This initial phase of the tournament sets the stage for competition, where players engage in various golfing challenges designed to test their skills across different aspects of the game.

    Day 2 – The Playoffs (Sunday, February 25, 2024): The top 8 players, ranked based on their performance in the Combine, advance to this phase. It features a 4-hole match-play format, with the possibility of time constraints influencing the gameplay.

    Winners progress through the rounds, and any ties are resolved with a “Putt Off,” ensuring a decisive outcome to determine the ultimate victor of The Athena. This format not only highlights the players’ technical abilities but also their mental toughness and adaptability under pressure.

    What is the schedule for The Athena Golf Tournament?


    The Athena Round 3
    Sat, 24 Feb
    9:00 am

    The Athena Final Round
    Sun, 25 Feb
    9:00 am

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    Watch The Athena Golf Tournament in USA on Kayo Sports 30-day money-back guarantee

    The Athena Golf Tournament

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    Yes, the PGA Tour Australia is a prominent golf tournament that showcases some of the best talents in the sport, offering fans thrilling golf action. Scheduled for February 24-29, it’s a key event in the golf calendar, attracting spectators worldwide.

    The Athena Golf Tournament is a prestigious event in the PGA Australia calendar, showcasing top golfing talent. It’s celebrated for its competitive spirit and the showcase of emerging and established golfers on a scenic and challenging course.

    Kayo Sports is a geo-restricted channel. If you want to access it in USA, it is mandatory to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

    Wrap Up

    The Athena Golf Tournament, set to take place on February 24, 2024, promises golf enthusiasts a spectacular showcase of talent and sportsmanship. As players and fans converge on the iconic venue, anticipation for this PGA Australia highlight reaches its peak.

    To ensure you can watch The Athena Golf Tournament in USA on Kayo Sports, ExpressVPN is your essential companion. It offers seamless access to Kayo Sports, overcoming geo-restrictions so you don’t miss a stroke of The Athena Golf Tournament.

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