The 12 Best Jobs for Retirees and Seniors


Between the ages of 50 and 60, most people retire from their primary careers, but that doesn't mean they stop working completely. Truth be told, lots of people feel a bit lost without a job or something to do, and many retirees still need a bit of extra income to supplement their retirement income streams.

That's where some of the best jobs for retirees and seniors come in. Older workers with decades of work experience don't have to rely on savings and Social Security income for their retirement plans.

Whether you're looking for a standard in-person, remote or seasonal job, there are many options. Those at retirement age tend to enjoy flexible hours or a flexible schedule afforded by the wide range of positions available to them.

Read on to break down some fantastic jobs and career options for retirees looking for second careers or seniors seeking some part-time income.

What are good part-time jobs for retirees?

Many of the best jobs for retirees and seniors are part-time. That's because, after you retire, odds are you'll want to devote a bit more time to your hobbies, family and personal life compared to during the primary years of your career. If you want to make a bit of extra cash but maintain a better work-life balance, part-time jobs are for you. Here are a few examples.

Substitute teacher

Substitute teachers are sometimes retirees and seniors, particularly retired former teachers. Many former teachers miss the routine of the classroom or wish to help out their schools even after leaving their careers formally. Substitute teaching can be rewarding and result in extra income to make life even more comfortable in retirement.

Rideshare driver

Alternatively, seniors looking for part-time gigs might consider working as rideshare drivers. These flexible jobs enable retirees to work whenever they like while making a decent income, all without having to worry about being on the clock or having to make workplace meetings. All you need is a driver's license to work for a company like Uber (plus a high school diploma).

Security guard

Retired police officers, loss prevention managers and similar professionals might consider working as part-time security guards. For the most part, the jobs are easy, but they are in high demand because not everyone knows how to practice security capably and competently for businesses, hotels and other institutions.

Former police officers or security managers can oftentimes work part-time for excellent salaries in fact.


Retirees and seniors with some customer service experience could work part-time as concierges. These hotel and reception managers ensure that hotel lobbies and rooms are kept clean, handle customer complaints and ensure stellar experiences for all guests and clients.

Sometimes, concierge positions are only part-time, such as for night-shift managers. As a result, they represent good opportunities for retirees to make part-time income without having to work too hard or strain their bodies.

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What are some high-paying jobs for retirees?

But what if you're a retiree or senior looking tomake some extra money, either to help pay for family expenses or for some other reason? Good news: there are plenty of high-paying jobs for retirees and seniors. You just have to know where to look and how to leverage your skills.

Real estate broker

Retirees looking tomake money after retiring from their main careers should consider working as real estate brokers. Real estate brokers can easily earn well into the six figures once they build up a network of contacts and have the scoop on the best real estate deals in their local area.

This is oftentimes easier for retirees in certain industries, like finance or real estate. They may have the social infrastructure already up and running to allow them to break into this industry quickly and easily.

Management consultant

Business retirees and seniors with a lot of executive experience could work as management consultants instead. Management consultants provide their advice and expertise to business teams and other executives.

Depending on their experience and reputation, some management consultants can charge very high prices for their labor. This is not a very physical job, but it requires a lot of industry reputation and personal experience. As such, it's often only retirees and seniors who have the resources necessary to do this job.

Financial manager

Similarly, financial industry retirees and former executives (as well as former accountants) could work as financial managers. These positions are very high paid, as they often revolve around optimizing a business's budget and maximizing income streams.

Financial managers need a lot of experience to qualify, however. So it's no surprise that many retirees and seniors are perfectly qualified for these open positions when they pop up.


Legal industries retirees, such as seniors with decades of lawyer experience, could work as mediators after retiring from their law firms.Mediators arbitrate between two quarreling sides in a setting that is a little less formal than a traditional courtroom. This allows them to continue working with their skill set while also making a ton of money and providing an invaluable service to the public.

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What are some creative jobs for retirees?

Lots of retirees and seniors seek to flex their creative muscles in their golden years. That's where many of the best creative jobs for retirees might be perfect. There are several creative avenues you can pursue depending on your talents and personal interests.


Artistic retirees might consider working as musicians. As a musician, you can plan in a band for money, teach music lessons to those learning your favorite instrument for the first time and much more. However, the money in the musician field can vary heavily from place to place, and you shouldn't expect this retirement job to produce a ton of extra income unless you are very talented or have the right connections.

Wedding photographer

What if you are a retiree or senior who has a talent for photography? In that case, you can work as a wedding photographer. Not only can you bring joy to people on the most important days of their lives, but you could enjoy notable side income. Wedding photographers can make several hundred or even several thousand dollars over the course of the weekend, depending on how in-demand their skills are.

Plus, wedding photography lets you use your creativity to capture breathtaking images of couples in the throes of romance. This is an excellent artistic job for seniors looking for something to do in the community and make money at the same time.

Interior designer

If you have architectural or design experience, you can work as an interior designer. Retired or senior interior designers help decorate buildings and make them look as good as possible for real estate brokers, TV commercials and much more. This is a job that has worked in practically every major city, so finding clients shouldn't be too difficult.

More importantly, interior design lets you exercise your artistic talents in a very unique way.


If you have writing experience, then becoming an author could be right up your alley. As an author, you can write creative books like novels, or you can write nonfiction books like history books, self-help or guidance books and books about topics you learned during your main career.

In any case, you can sell your books online by yourself, or you can contact publishing agencies to try to get published through the traditional route. Being an author is an excellent creative job in more ways than one. If you are lucky and have a successful writing style, you could end up making quite a lot of money with a popular novel series or a series of profitable nonfiction books.

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Other great jobs for retirees

The best part-time jobs and full-time jobs are everywhere. If this list isn't enough, consider other jobs in fields like healthcare, accounting and more, like:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Dog walker or pet sitter (using pet sitting apps like Rover)
  • Freelance writer
  • National parktour guide
  • Nonprofit manager
  • Tax preparer
  • Adjunct professor
  • Administrative assistant
  • School bus driver

Or, go all the way and start a small business. Ultimately, you can always decide on the best careers or side hustles after retirement.

Finding the right opportunity

As you can see from the above jobs, there are lots of career opportunities for retirees and seniors such as yourself or a family member. If you're looking for work that you can enjoy in your golden years, look no further and consider applying to these jobs.

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