SaaS management explained by the BetterCloud pets


Happy National Pets Day!

Navigating the complexities of multiple software subscriptions can often feel like herding cats.

We thought we could simplify the process (and share some cute furry faces to brighten your day) by introducing you to our adorable team of BetterCloud pets! These lovable sidekicks sit at our feet daily and have picked up a thing or two to share with you.

Lucy the cat

Lucy: The curious cat

Pet parent: Marco Béjar Villalba

Just like Lucy explores every nook and cranny of her home, BetterCloud helps you discover all the software applications in use across your organization. 

From the popular to the obscure, Lucy—err, BetterCloud—sniffs out every application, ensuring you’re aware of what’s being used. Keep track of what software is actually being used versus which are being underutilized.

Capi the dog

Capi: The dashboard dynamo

Pet parent: Luis Montes

From that skittle you forgot under your couch to spotting the dangerous mailman outside everyday, Capi is all about visibility.

Like Capi, BetterCloud provides a centralized dashboard where you can easily view all of your software subscriptions. Need to know when your Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office licenses are up for renewal? BetterCloud has got you covered so unexpected software renewals will be no more!

Sally the dog

SaaSy Salla: The automation ace

Pet parent: Javier Vázquez Gurrola

Salla, the embodiment of efficiency, and BetterCloud share a common goal of optimizing performance. Salla, as an efficient dog, represents the pinnacle of streamlined action and focus. Similarly, BetterCloud revolutionizes SaaS management by automating tedious tasks, allowing users to enhance productivity and reduce errors. 

While Salla embodies physical efficiency, BetterCloud represents digital efficiency, both aiming to free up valuable time for more strategic endeavors.

Indigo the dog

Indigo: The security sentinel

Pet parent: Stephanie Solis

Just as Indigo fiercely guards her home, ensuring security is a top priority, BetterCloud acts as your SaaS applications’ and data protector against potential threats. 

BetterCloud enables IT teams to closely monitor user permissions, data access, and possible breaches, safeguarding your digital assets with the diligence of a vigilant guard dog.

Rulo the cat

The resourceful Rulo

Pet parent: Marco Béjar Villalba

BetterCloud, much like Rulo the cat, stealthily prowls through your software environment, sniffing out inefficiencies and excesses. 

IT teams can now easily identify underutilized licenses and redundant applications, ensuring you can extract the maximum value from your SaaS investments. By providing insights that empower informed decisions, BetterCloud serves as a vigilant guardian of your financial and operational resources.

Bala the dog

Bala: The bubbly basset hound

Pet parent: Frank Velasco

Bala embodies the top quality that anyone would envy: her bubbly personality. 

With BetterCloud, a similar approach is taken to ensure that employees’ sentiments towards software are positive and reflective of their needs. Through regular pulse surveys, you can keep a finger on the collective pulse of its workforce, just as Bala listens to the attentive humans in her home. 

These surveys provide valuable insights into employees’ experiences, helping business tailor its software offerings to meet their needs and ensure a harmonious and productive work environment.

Navigate the SaaS jungle with BetterCloud

Managing SaaS applications doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling experience. With the help of the BetterCloud team and their trusty animal sidekicks, you can streamline your SaaS management process, improve efficiency, and ensure your IT infrastructure is running smoothly. 

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by your SaaS subscriptions, just remember—let the BetterCloud team guide you to a purr-fectly managed software environment!

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