Meet BetterCloud’s New Chief Operating Officer, Joe Iantosca


Our new Chief Operating Officer Joe Iantosca is no stranger to BetterCloud. Having been at BetterCloud for over seven years, he has held a variety of positions—everything from director of BI to VP of FP&A. He’s seen firsthand how IT’s challenges have evolved over the years, along with how BetterCloud has adapted to help solve them.

We sat down with Joe to discuss the biggest challenges IT is facing now, where he sees BetterCloud in five years, and his mission to deliver value for our customers. 

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in finance.

Tell us a little about your background. 

I come from a finance and data background. At BetterCloud, I spent a lot of time making sure teams have access to the resources they need to achieve our objectives. Two years ago when I stepped into customer-facing roles, it gave me a critical perspective on how we could better support our customers and drive even more value for them. 

Prior to BetterCloud, I spent three years at Palantir in finance, fundraising, and planning-type of roles. 

Why do you think this is an exciting time to be at BetterCloud?

In the seven years I’ve been at BetterCloud, there’s never been a bigger opportunity—or a more urgent need—to eliminate manual SaaS management work. Every IT team I talk to is supporting more end users than ever before; that ratio’s never been higher. 

BetterCloud is the way IT can set themselves up for success in this uncertain economic climate. It ensures their SaaS environments are secure and empowers employees to be productive, while enabling IT to automate work and do more with less.

When it comes to automation, user lifecycle management (ULM) is a growing priority for lean IT teams. There’s a pressing need for more efficient onboarding, offboarding, and help desk ticket resolution. You need to make it as frictionless as possible. Automation reduces ticket volume—and even prevents future tickets. That’s where BetterCloud can help. For example, when people need password resets or app access, BetterCloud automatically handles all the approvals, actioning, end user alerting, and closes out the ticket for you.

Can you describe what your role as COO entails?

My focus is making sure we deliver value for our customers, and making sure our go-to-market (GTM) teams have what they need in order to drive value for customers and prospects. 

I also make sure we have the right systems and processes in place to continue to empower our customers and achieve their mission to do more with less. For example, our data team built the BetterCloud Benchmarking Assessment. This is a really cool tool for customers to see how their SaaS environments compare to their peers’, their total time savings through automation, and where the biggest automation opportunities are. This kind of data helps elevate IT and prove their strategic value.

What are the biggest challenges IT is facing right now, and how have they evolved since you joined BetterCloud in 2015? 

When I joined BetterCloud, the average company was using 8 SaaS apps! Today, IT has to manage 16x more apps, but the size of their team hasn’t really grown at all. In fact, they’re supporting more employees with fewer IT team members now. Doing more with less has never been more important.

Back in 2015, people were really focused on how to manage their email systems in the cloud. ULM was much simpler. When you had eight SaaS apps, you could manage ULM manually, but with the average organization using 130 SaaS apps now, automation becomes critical. People expect application access and entitlements to be done quickly and correctly. If it’s not, it creates more tickets and friction in the entire IT ecosystem, and business productivity suffers.

Where do you see BetterCloud at this time next year? Five years?

In five years, BetterCloud will be a household name for how to effectively manage your SaaS environment. This time next year, I see us continuing to grow our product functionality and portfolio, as well as expanding our geographic reach. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I can cook like an Italian grandmother. I make an amazing eggplant parmesan or a nice cacio e pepe. Any Italian dish, basic or complicated, I cook.

If you weren’t a COO, what would you be?

I’d be some type of local small business owner, probably a restaurant owner. My love for cooking lends itself well to it.

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