Maxio Announces Localised Support for EMEA Businesses


Maxio has been helping clients across the globe clean up their financials, pass their audits, and get the valuations we know they’re worth for over 12 years. Our goal has always been to help your team stop pulling all-nighters or waking up in a cold sweat worried that Jim broke your spreadsheet while you were on holiday last week.

Historically, our European customers have been supported by our North American team. While we’ve always done so to the best of our ability, we understand your experience with Maxio could be far better if your support team is less than 4,000 miles away and your systems were built with European accounting standards in mind. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening of our full-service support branch in Dublin, Ireland. We’re on a mission to globalise our SaaS in order to deliver a tailored experience to all of our clients—no matter where in the world you are.

We are building out our team in Ireland to assist clients without the inconvenience of timezone delays—and with a deep understanding of the important financial knowledge unique to your region (like the fact that “Z” is actually pronounced “zed”).

But this launch includes much more than just localised support. In order to best serve you, we’re also introducing updates to the software itself.

IFRS-15 support

One of the most valuable services we offer our customers is built-in compliance with stringent accounting, like ASC-606 and IFRS-15. We’re equipped to offer the same built-in support to you whether you manage your finances under IFRS-15 or ASC 606.

Two-Way Integration with Advanced Billing

You will also have access to our new two-way integration with Advanced Billing, the leading B2B SaaS billing software, specialising in complex usage and multi-attribute billing and payment collections.

Maxio offers full subscription and revenue management for all SaaS business models. We automate the most difficult tasks while allowing you to retain full control over the processes most important to you.

No matter your go-to-market strategy (product-led, sales-led, or hybrid), Maxio can streamline your entire order-to-cash process while unifying your front- and back-office teams around a single workflow and a centralised, reliable, data set.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Maxio can preserve the sanity of your finance team, visit our website or book a demo today.

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