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What’s better than watching your streaming service ITV? Watching it for free! Yes, you heard it right. And in case you are wondering how to watch ITV for free, we are going to elaborate on that.

Although ITV offers an ad-supported free subscription plan, there’s an option to upgrade it to an ad-free tier by paying a subscription fee. You can either sign up for an ITV Hub free trial of its “Premium” package or register a free (ad-supported) account.

ITV Hub, which recently moved to a new home ITVX, has got bigger and better than before. It offers the latest crop of movies, and exclusive TV shows including cult favorite Love Island UK Season 9 Finale, and thousands of popular British box sets. From hilarious sitcoms, and cheeky game shows to kids’ content and live sports, you have plenty of options to choose from.

However, ITV is a geo-restricted service owing to its content licensing policies, and you can’t access it in USA. To watch ITV in USA for free, you will need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Let’s find out the ITV subscription cost and how to sign up for it in the United States.

How Much Does ITV Cost in USA?

ITV requires a registered account if you want to watch anything on the streaming service. The good thing is that ITV offers a free account, and there’s no registration cost. The free account gives you access to a mega collection of entertaining options, including the best shows on ITV like Love Island UK Season 10, Vera, Manhunt, and many more.

ITV also has an ad-free (Premium) subscription plan which costs US$7.42 (£5.99) per month or US$74.34 (£59.99) per year. Users of the “Premium” tier are also entitled to a 7-day ITV free trial. The ITV Premium plan offers a much bigger content library, including the most-watched British box sets from BritBox. You can download titles on your devices for offline viewing or while you are on the go.

The only downside is that ITV is geo-restricted in USA, and you will need a premium VPN to sign up for its services.

Can I skip the adverts on ITV Hub?

No, you can’t skip adverts on ITV Hub with its free (ad-supported) package. If you don’t mind watching ads in between the episodes of your favorite shows, the free plan serves the purpose. If you are looking for an “ad-free” streaming experience, you can simply upgrade your free account to its “Premium” account.

Bear in mind that the ad-free option is only applicable to on-demand content. The live TV coverage runs as per normal practices and contains advertisements as required contractually.

Let’s find out how much ITV Hub+ costs.

How Much Is ITV Hub+?

ITV introduced a paid subscription platform ITV Hub+ in 2021 which offered TV shows, films, and other entertainment content with an option to download and watch without ads. In December 2022, ITV Hub+ and BritBox were brought under one umbrella and the platform was rebranded as ITVX Premium.

ITV Hub+ (now ITVX Premium) offers two different pricing plans. Follow the table below to get an idea of how much each ITV Hub+ plan costs:

Package Name
Subscription Price

General access to a content library with advertisements

ITV Hub+ (ITVX Premium)
US$7.42 (£5.99) per month or US$74.34 (£59.99) per year
A broader content catalog, including BritBox’s box sets with no advertisements. Also include a downloading option.

Note: You can easily cancel ITV+ subscription, and if it has been canceled in between the package ending date, you will still have access to your favorite content till the end date of your plan (monthly or yearly).

On the Website

Simply go to the ITV official website and click on the “Upgrade to Premium” button in the top right corner. You’ll be redirected to the dedicated page of the Premium Account. Then click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button and enter your email address and set a password. Add your payment details to get your free trial started or simply choose the ad-free account if you want to watch ITV for free.

On an Android or iOS Mobile Device

Open the My ITV app, and tap the “Sign in” option. Next, you will see an option of “Sign Up.” Simply tap this option and provide the requisite data for registering a new account. You’ll also be required to set a password. Once it’s all done, simply log in to your account and get started.

Is ITV Hub+ Free with Amazon Prime?

Wondering if ITV Hub+ is free with Amazon Prime? It’s not totally free but you can avail of a ITV Hub+ 7-day free trial through Amazon Prime Video. After the free trial period ends, your Prime Video account will be charged with the normal subscription fee of your ITV Hub subscription plan.

You can stream ITV Hub+ through your Prime Video account on any Amazon device, such as Fire TV or Fire Stick. Apart from that, you can also stream ITV on Roku or any other devices

So, get your ITV Hub+ free trial now and stream the best movies on ITV and other content from all genres.

What’s New to Watch on ITV in 2023?

Here is the list of all coming-up events including shows and movies that will be streamed on ITV in 2023.


To get ITV Hub+ for free one can opt for the ITV Hub+ free trial for 7 days in the US with an Amazon Prime subscription. However, keep in mind that once the free trial ends, you will be required to pay for the subscription if you want to keep watching ITV Hub ad-free on Prime Video.

You need to pay for the ITV Hub service because the content available is exclusive and can not be accessed without a subscription. Also, this content is ad-free and lets you catch up on your favorite shows.

ITV Hub and ITV Player are the same things. ITV Hub’s old name was ITV Player. The streaming service provides the official ITV channels and on-demand streaming content. ITV Hub is a geo-restricted streaming platform that requires a VPN service if you want to stream it in the US. We recommend you use ExpressVPN as it is a reliable VPN  app.


In this guide, we have thoroughly explained Can you subscribe to ITV Hub in the USA? and what are the different plans?. ITV Hub’s free account is a real deal if you are looking to get your hands on popular British content without paying a dime.

However, the ITV Hub+ (ITVX Premium) is no less than a bargain itself if you want an even bigger content library of popular titles including shows like Next Level Chef without the annoying ads. You can even get an ITV Hub free trial for 7 days and enjoy your favorite shows on ITV Hub for free.

Using VPNs like ExpressVPN can help you to watch Man Utd vs West Ham FA Cup live including the fifth round of the FA cup from anywhere on ITV outside UK.

Lastly, ITV is a geo-restricted service exclusively available in the UK. So, if you are traveling abroad and looking to access ITV in the US, don’t forget to subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Happy streaming!

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