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Posted by Komal Sandhu – Global Program Manager, Google Developer Groups

On May 10, 2023, Google developer communities around the world gathered virtually and in person at watch parties to watch the live streamed Google I/O flagship event, where Google shares its latest developer solutions, products, and technology. The excitement continues during Google I/O Extended season, happening now.

Members of GDG Zurich having fun at Google I/O Extended Watch party.GDG Zurich

Google I/O Extended is the community-led counterpart to Google I/O–a series of community-led watch parties and tech meetups, in which developers around the globe connect in their local communities to learn about new releases, share thoughts, and celebrate. At Google I/O Extended events, city-based groups of developers celebrate together, discuss their expectations and the opportunities that Google’s new technologies will bring, and make meaningful connections with other developers. It’s inspiring to see people with the same passion for technology meet, learn, and have fun together all over the world.

Panoramic photo of GDG Istanbul members having fun at Google I/O Extended Watch party.GDG Istanbul

The Google I/O Extended season runs from May through August, so there’s still plenty of time to attend multiple events near you, and virtual ones. So far, we’ve reached about 5k developers at over 150 events worldwide. Google I/O Extended fuels local developer communities and inspires those who participate to continue exploring their tech career paths.

Members of GDG Grand Rapids having fun at Google I/O Extended Watch party.GDG Grand Rapids

Google I/O Extended still has much more to offer, and we’re excited about all of the upcoming meetups taking place around the world. Google Developer Experts will join many of these events to bring Google I/O content to local audiences and help attendees learn about and dive deeper into Google’s products.

Members of GDG Cloud London having fun at Google I/O Extended Watch party.GDG Cloud London

We thank everyone who has participated in Google I/O Extended so far and hope you continue to enjoy the season. If you haven’t participated in Google I/O Extended yet, we encourage you to join any of the events near you and take advantage of this opportunity to learn and connect! Find a nearby Google I/O Extended meetup here.

Members of GDSC Arab Open University - ElShorouk having fun at Google I/O Extended Watch party. GDSC Arab Open University – ElShorouk

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