ChatGPT Statistics (How Many People Use ChatGPT?)


Are you trying to find the most insightful ChatGPT statistics to learn more about this widely-popular AI chatbot?

I’ve been testing, trying and having fun with ChatGPT for the past few months, and I can only say good things about it. However, it does have its challenges and limitations, which you’ll find in the statistical roundup below.

From the number of users and businesses utilizing the tool to revenue stats, web traffic and ChatGPT Plus, you’ll get it all and more.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or simply curious about the statistical magic behind ChatGPT, join us as we unravel the statistical secrets that make this incredible technology possible.

But first:

Me: “Can you make a joke about yourself?”

ChatGPT: “Sure! Why did the ChatGPT become a comedian? Because it always had a knack for generating pun-believable responses!”

This post covers:

ChatGPT Statistics (Our Top Picks)

  • There are 100+ million ChatGPT users globally
  • ChatGPT generated one million users in just five (yes, that’s 5!) days
  • Only 5% of US people use ChatGPT every day
  • 250+ businesses in the technology industry use ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT is expected to make $1 billion in revenue by 2024
  • The estimated daily cost of running ChatGPT is $100,000
  • ChatGPT launched a pilot subscription plan ($20/month) in February 2023
  • ChatGPT can give wrong information (data, stats, etc.)

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How Many People Use ChatGPT?

. There are more than 100 million ChatGPT users globally

With one of the fastest-growing user bases, ChatGPT already surpassed the 100 million users milestone. Likely, the next milestone isn’t that far anymore.

Source: Reuters #1

. One million users in just five (yes, that’s 5!) days

Can you imagine generating one million users in just five days? Well, I cannot. It almost sounds unreal, but that’s precisely what happened to ChatGPT after its launch in 2022.

No other application, tool, service, or whatever, comes anywhere close to this, which you can see from the table below.

ServiceTimeChatGPT5 days (!)Instagram2.5 monthsSpotify5 monthsDropbox7 monthsFacebook10 monthsFoursquare13 monthsTwitter2 yearsAirbnb2.5 yearsKickstarter2.5 yearsNetflix3.5 years
The time it took 10 selected services to reach one million users

Obviously, times were different when Netflix launched (in 1999), but this is still a remarkable achievement for ChatGPT. However, anything below the one-year mark is considered quickly!

Source: Statista #1

. Nearly 50% of the US people are familiar with ChatGPT

Nearly half of United States citizens are familiar with ChatGPT and other AI tools. But, percent-wise, there aren’t that many that actually use it.

Source: Statista #2

. Only 5% of US people use ChatGPT every day

A survey involving 1,000 participants found that only 5% of people use ChatGPT daily. The biggest share (46%) of respondents said they used it only once or twice. In between are those that use it once a week (20%), several times a week (19%) and several times a month (10%).

Source: WordFinder

. Marketing and education industries are most likely to use ChatGPT

One in four employees reported they used ChatGPT for work, of which nearly 30% did so without their employee’s knowledge.

Moreover, at shares of 76% and 70%, the marketing and education sectors are most likely to use ChatGPT – with employers’ knowledge.

On the contrary, employees in industries like business services, construction and tech will use the tool without employers’ knowledge.

Fun fact: 2% got fired because of using ChatGPT. (Yikes!) In addition, 6% of employed respondents reported worrying about losing their job to ChatGPT.

Source: WordFinder

. 250+ businesses in the technology industry use ChatGPT

While we looked at a more general usage of ChatGPT in some of the sectors above, let’s dig deeper.

IndustryNumber of businessesTechnology251Education209Business services98Manufacturing89Finance44Retail35Healthcare24Government18Media and internet17Construction15
Number of businesses using ChatGPT across different industries

Source: Statista #3

. ChatGPT is available in 160+ countries

ChatGPT is available around the world in 163 countries at the time of writing this, with the expectation of being unlocked to even more regions.

However, it’s unavailable in Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Source: OpenAI #1

. ChatGPT generated 230,000+ app downloads on its launch

But on the second day, it generated approximately 50,000 more downloads, and then the downloads dropped significantly.

DayNumber of downloadsMay 19, 2023230,958May 20, 2023280,068May 21, 2023158,042May 22, 2023107,317
Number of ChatGPT app downloads

Source: Statista #4

. Only 3% of newsroom executives think 50%+ journalists use ChatGPT

A global survey asked newsroom executives how many journalists they think use ChatGPT.

It turned out that only 3% of them think that more than 50% of journalists use the tool (or a similar one). Moreover, 13% think nobody uses the tool and 39% say less than 5%.

Source: Statista #5

ChatGPT Market And Revenue Statistics

. Compared in traffic volume, ChatGPT is FAR ahead and

When it comes to ChatGPT, its traffic volume is in the billions, while for both of its competitors, Character and Bard, it’s in the millions and far behind. And all the other AI chat services are in even farther distance.

However, from professional predictions, Bard can become ChatGPT’s biggest rival – yes, because it’s a Google product.

Source: Similarweb #1

. ChatGPT is expected to make $1 billion in revenue by 2024

For 2023, the revenue prediction for ChatGPT is $200 million, but the number is forecast to be 5x by the following year.

As a reference, OpenAi was valued at $30 billion.

Moreover, OpenAI received a $1 billion investment from Microsoft in 2019 and another $10 billion in 2023.

Source: Reuters #2

. ChatGPT iOS mobile app made over $92K on its first day of release

OpenAI decided to launch ChatGPT as a mobile application in the United States for iOS users first.

They launched the app on May 19, 2023, and made over $92,000 through in-app purchases. The revenue dropped the following days, as the below table shows.

DayRevenueMay 19, 2023$92,453May 20, 2023$58,395May 21, 2023$54,323May 22, 2023$41,925
ChatGPT in-app revenue

Source: Statista #6

. The estimated daily cost of running ChatGPT is $100,000

Tom Goldstein (a professor at Maryland University) estimated the daily cost of running ChatGPT at around $100,000, which makes $3 million per month. Tom based his prediction on the cost of the Azure Cloud, the server infrastructure running ChatGPT.

While this prediction was made in December 2022, the cost of running ChatGPT is likely much higher today – at least because of the much larger user base.

Source: Tom Goldstein

ChatGPT Web Traffic Statistics

. In June 2023, received 1.6 billion total visits

Even though the website experienced a slight decrease in traffic, still received around 1.6 billion total visits in June 2023.

MonthTrafficApril1.8 billionMay1.8 billionJune1.6 billion website traffic

But here’s some other data you might be interested in:

  • The average visit duration is nearly seven and a half minutes.
  • The average bounce rate is approximately 40% (the percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page).
  • The average number of pages per visit is 4.3.

Source: Similarweb #1

.’s largest traffic source is “direct”

Direct traffic to the official ChatGPT website has a whopping 93% share – something you don’t see too often, regardless of how much you research other websites.

Referral traffic is only at 4% and organic search is at less than 1%.

Source: Similarweb #1

. Of social media, YouTube drives the most traffic to the ChatGPT site

Out of 65 tracked social networks, YouTube is the largest social traffic source, followed by WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social networkTraffic shareYouTube60.4%WhatsApp11.3%Facebook8.7%Twitter4.9%LinkedIn3.3%’s social network traffic share

Source: Similarweb #1

. gets the most visitors from the United States and India

At 11% and 10% each, the United States and India generate ChatGPT website the most traffic, followed by Japan, France, Indonesia and Canada.

Source: Similarweb #1

. The gender distribution is almost at 60:40 (men to women)

Have you ever wondered who uses ChatGPT more, men or women? The audience is split into 60% male and 40% female.

Moreover, across both genders, the largest age group of visitors is aged 25-34 (34%), but here are the rest:

  • 18-24: 29.2%
  • 25-34: 34.1%
  • 35-44: 17.8%
  • 45-54: 9.9%
  • 55-64: 5.6%
  • 65+: 3.4%

Source: Similarweb #1

ChatGPT Plus Statistics

. ChatGPT launched a pilot subscription plan in February 2023

While the free ChatGPT version does a really good job of creating (in-depth) answers, you can always ramp it up with the Plus version, which OpenAI launched on February 1, 2023. The pilot subscription plan goes for $20 per month, unlocking various new features and benefits.

Source: OpenAI #2

. “Turbo” mode generates much faster response times

Have you been using ChatGPT for a while and don’t think it’s fast enough? Once you upgrade to the Plus version, you can enjoy much faster response time, thanks to the “Turbo” mode.

Source: OpenAI #2

. GPT-4 only available in the Plus version

The more advanced version of the GPT-3.5, the GPT-4 version, is only available to paid subscribers, released on March 14, 2023.

In short, version 4 is more reliable, creative and capable of handling more complex requests. Another benefit is the possibility of getting text outputs through your image inputs. But the image inputs are yet to be released publicly.

Source: OpenAI #3

. Continuous access, even during peak times

While the GPT-3.5 version can be unavailable during peak times, that won’t happen in the GPT-4 version (no downtime).

If part of your work relies on ChatGPT 100% and you cannot afford the tool not working, you probably need to consider the Plus version.

Source: OpenAI #2

. ChatGPT Plus users have access to the handy browsing mode

In March 23, 2023, OpenAI dropped a few plugins for ChatGPT to extend its functionality, with one of the most interesting ones being the web-browsing plugin.

The latter allows ChatGPT to draw data from around the web, using Bing search API. One of my favorites is the capability of showing the sites it visited. While previously, ChatGPT’s knowledge was limited to what it had stored in the database from prior around September 2021 – which is a bit of a bummer.

Source: TechCrunch

ChatGPT Limitations/Challenges Statistics

. ChatGPT can give wrong information (data, stats, etc.)

This is something you’ve probably figured out yourself as well.

You must be particularly careful when you ask ChatGPT to provide any data, statistics, or other information. In other words, when it comes to dates, numbers and the like, it’s always advisable to double-check for accuracy.

What usually tricks newbie ChatGPT users into thinking it’s right is how confident it appears. But it can be completely off sometimes, so be aware of the possible inaccuracy.

Source: My personal experience

. Limited knowledge about events after September 2021 (limited training data)

If you are trying to get the latest news and information out of ChatGPT, it won’t happen. Why? Because the GPT-3.5 version was trained to “everything” that occurred before September 2021.

However, if you opt for the Plus version, it can deliver more recent data.

Source: My personal experience

. Repeated behavior

One of the downsides I found when using ChatGPT is that it’s likely to start repeating itself – and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a long conversation. When you notice repeated behavior, I recommend you start structuring your queries differently/more strategically to “trick” it.

Source: My personal experience

. 2 similar questions; 1 gets a response and the other doesn’t

If you ask a question and ChatGPT says it doesn’t know the answer, you can try structuring it differently and suddenly get an answer.

Sometimes, you just need to be a bit more strategic with the tool to enjoy its amazing advantages.

Source: My personal experience

OpenAI Statistics

. OpenAI is the most-funded machine-learning startup in the world

With funding of over one billion US dollars, OpenAI is the most-funded machine learning startup in the world, followed by Scale AI and Anyscale.

StartupFunding capitalOpenAI$1,010 millionScale AI$602 millionAnyscale$259 millionInflection AI$225 millionWeights & Biases$200$165 millionHugging Face$160 millionOctoML$132 millionAI21 Labs$119 millionInsaDeep$113 million
The 10 most-funded machine-learning startups in the world

Source: Statista #7

. received 1.7 billion visits in June 2023

According to Similarweb, the total number of visits to in June 2023 was 1.7 billion, which is approximately 0.2 billion less than the month before.

MonthTotal visitsApril 20231.8 billionMay 20231.9 billionJune 20231.7 billion
Total Open.AI website visits

The largest traffic share is direct (88%), followed by organic search (10%), social (0.9%), mail (0.5%) and referrals (0.3%).

Source: Similarweb #2

. OpenAI’s largest age group is 25-34

At a share of 34%, people aged between 25 and 34 are the largest audience. Here’s an overview of the rest:

  • 18-24: 29.2%
  • 25-34: 34.1%
  • 35-44: 17.8%
  • 45-54: 9.9%
  • 55-64: 5.6%
  • 65+: 3.4%

Moreover, when looking at gender distribution, 40% are female and 60% are male users.

Source: Similarweb #2

. Elon Musk quits OpenAI to avoid conflict with Tesla

While Elon Musk decided to quit OpenAI to avoid getting into conflict as Tesla is getting more AI-focused, he is still continuing to donate and advise the organization.

Source: The Indian Express

. Microsoft and OpenAI team up to integrate ChatGPT into Bing

Microsoft has been trying to get people to use Bing (and Edge) for a long time, but they weren’t too successful at it.

In February 2023, Microsoft finally took the plunge to integrate ChatGPT into Bing (and Edge) to try and reinvent how billions of people search the web.

Result? The downloads of the new app have grown by ten times.

Source: Microsoft


There you have it – the must-know ChatGPT statistics revealed so you get a better glance at its vastness.

Just like AI continuously evolves and improves, so is ChatGPT with all its new versions. Moreover, the integration with Bing has a very promising future that might completely change the way we browse the web.

However, Google Bard also started making moves, which might interrupt the whole ChatGPT-Bing thing. Speaking of which, have you seen our Google Bard statistics? (But if you’re more into designing stuff, then take a peek at these extensive Midjourney statistics.)

Are you also an enthusiastic ChatGPT user? Is there something that you particularly like/dislike about it?

Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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