Billionaire Ken Griffin Flies 1000 Workers to Disney Tokyo


Ken Griffin certainly knows how to throw a party — for his employees, that is.

The billionaire and founder of Citadel and Citadel Securities treated an estimated 1,200 employees from the company's Asia-Pacific offices to Tokyo Disneyland in October — with all expenses paid, including travel, food, and accommodations.

Last year, the company sent 10,000 employees to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in December to celebrate Citadel Securities' 20th anniversary and Citadel's 30th anniversary (the real anniversary dates were in 2020 but were not commemorated due to the pandemic and related restrictions).

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Members of the company's Asia-Pacific division, however, could not attend due to certain COVID-related protocols that were still in place, so this Tokyo Disney event is a celebration for those who had to opt out of last year's.

The Walt Disney Co. characters perform as they sail in front of Mount Prometheus around the Mediterranean Harbor during the “Minnie Bestie Bash!” show at Tokyo DisneySea (Getty Images)

Guests were reportedly treated to a special party on Saturday that included performances by Maroon 5 and Calvin Harris. Employees and their families were also gifted express passes to Tokyo Disneyland for the weekend.

Griffin himself attended alongside the CEO of Citadel Securities, Zhao Peng.

Citadel and Citadel Securities doubled headcounts in the companies' Asia-Pacific region over the last three years, per Bloomberg, with Citadel planning to open a Tokyo office next year.

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In January, Citadel made history after clocking in a $16 billion profit after fees for 2022 — the highest ever recorded by a hedge fund.

Griffin's net worth is an estimated $35.4 billion, according to Bloomberg.

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