Best Channels to Sell Auto Parts Online


Editor’s note: In the article, we explain how to set up your own e-store and remind of popular marketplaces you can join to sell auto parts online. And if you need expert guidance on launching an e-business, feel free to leverage the knowledge we share in our ecommerce startup guide and engage our team of professional ecommerce consultants.

The automotive ecommerce market is predicted to grow to $28.4 billion by 2026. One of the major factors attributing to the market rise is surely new patterns in consumer behavior catalyzed by the COVID. Consumers tend to avoid crowds and no longer want to visit brick-and-mortar stores as they did in the pre-pandemic times. Being present online is already a must for businesses to stay resilient. This is also true for auto sellers.

Which auto parts to sell

The preferences of consumers vary from month to month. However, there are certain car parts and accessories that are in demand all year round. For instance, selling tires is one of the safest options as they always make it to the top 10 of popular items. Among others, car chargers, driving recorders, GPS trackers, and smart keys sell well too.

When researching the market and developing your business strategy, you should decide if you want to cover consumer demands widely and sell a vast range of products or take a niche position and focus on a specific group of car parts, like externals (bumpers, wind deflectors etc.), internals (cylinders, chargers, etc.), tools or other categories.

How to sell car parts online

  • Joining popular and high-traffic marketplaces is best for sellers who don’t want to invest in their own online store. All you need is to follow the registration procedure, submit all the required information to confirm that your business complies with legal requirements, upload product information and pay marketplace fees.
  • The option of launching your own e-store comes with its benefits: you have full control over the branding of your business and pay no sales fees to a third party. With your own online store, you can also elaborate a strong customer experience strategy and successfully nurture the loyalty of your customers.
  • To maximize the customer outreach, you can sell via both channels – a branded webstore and a marketplace.

Want to Set Up an Automotive Webstore?

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How to launch an automotive online store

Despite the relative immaturity of the online automotive industry, it is promised to thrive. If you want to join the market, you need to identify your niche, research the market and analyze competitors. This will give you an understanding of a business model most suitable for your needs. The next step is to start creating an actual e-store. You’ll need to select a platform to build your store on and draw up a customization approach, finding the balance between the desired functionality and cost-effectiveness. The solution should fully support your business processes and ensure converting customer journeys.

With a properly designed strategy for gaining online presence and an e-commerce solution that fits your product line and supports your business processes, you can successfully meet your customers’ demands. You are very welcome to engage our ecommerce team if you need any assistance with selling car parts online.

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