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Editor’s note: Andrew explains the different types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses and provides an overview of the pricing plans for the most popular Dynamics 365 products. If you need professional assistance to work out an optimal Dynamics 365 solution for your business, reach out to ScienceSoft for our Dynamics consulting services.

What You Should Know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses are basically subscriptions that grant users access to one or several Dynamics 365 products. These licenses are divided into two broad categories: assigned and unassigned licenses.

Assigned licenses

Assigned licenses are dedicated to a single user or a device, giving them access to a particular Dynamics 365 product.

  • User licenses are tied to a specific user who may access the product via any number of devices. There are two sub-types of user licenses:
    • Full user access licenses for the users requiring the full functionality of a Dynamics 365 product.
    • Additional user access licenses for the users who don’t require full user licenses because their interaction with Dynamics 365 is limited to simple tasks.
  • Device licenses grant access to a product via a specific device that can be used by any number of users.

To leverage full user licensing for multiple products and save money, a Dynamics 365 user can purchase a base license for the first product at standard pricing and then buy lower-cost attach licenses for frequently used additional products (also referred to as subsequent qualifying apps). For example, if you already own a base license for Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can buy an attach license for Finance, and vice versa.

Below, you can check the base Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and their qualifying products for attach licensing:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses

Unassigned licenses

Unassigned licenses grant access to a certain feature or service per tenant only and are not user- or device-specific. They are classified as follows:

  • Full application access licenses are basic licenses for Dynamics 365 products such as Marketing, Fraud Protection, and Customer Insights.
  • Cross-application access licenses, such as the Operations – Order Lines license, allow you to extend the use of Dynamics 365 products as an alternative to individual user licensing. However, they are not the primary Dynamics 365 licensing option.
  • Capacity licenses exist for the components of Dynamics 365 products with capacity limits, such as data storage, customer profiles, transaction volume, etc.

Take Advantage of Flexible Dynamics 365 Pricing Options

ScienceSoft’s consultants are here to help you explore the available Dynamics 365 licensing options and choose the optimal pricing plan. Reach out to the team to implement a tailored Dynamics 365 solution where you only pay for what you actually use.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Prices by License Types and Products

Assigned licenses

Business Central is a standalone solution for small and medium-sized businesses that helps automate and optimize business management processes, including finance, production, sales, shipping, etc. Business Central has the following license options:

  • Business Central Essentials covers finance, forecasting, CRM, HR, supply chain, inventory, and more. Price (per user/month): $70.
  • Business Central Premium offers service order management and manufacturing capabilities in addition to the Business Central Essentials features. Price (per user/month): $100.

Commerce is an end-to-end solution that helps manage retail operations and combines in-store, back-office, and call-center functionality. Price (per user/month): base license – $180, attach license – $30.

Customer Service helps manage customer relationships, streamlines customer service agents’ workflows, and facilitates customer self-service. It includes the following license options:

  • Customer Service Professional provides basic functionality for customer service agents and includes a customizable customer self-service website with a knowledge base. Price (per user/month): base license – $50, attach license – $20.
  • Customer Service Enterprise offers the Customer Service Professional functionality enriched with advanced capabilities, such as service scheduling and dispatch, team creation, etc. Price (per user/month, may also be licensed per device): base license – $95, attach license – $20.

Field Service helps field-based service teams manage their operations. Price (per user/month, may also be licensed per device): base license – $95, attach license – $20.

Finance empowers businesses to control finance processes and manage funds by providing real-time view into the enterprise financial information and offering analytics tools. Price (per user/month): base license – $180, attach license – $30.

Guides is a mixed-reality application that provides holographic instructions to employees on-the-job. Price (per user/month): $65.

Human Resources helps HR teams centralize employee details, facilitate employee remuneration, leave and absence tracking, and promote policy compliance. Price (per user/month): base license – $120, attach license – $30.

Project Operations is an all-in-one solution with extensive project management capabilities that cover the entire project lifecycle. Price (per user/month): base license – $120, attach license – $30.

Remote Assist facilitates remote real-time view sharing with experts to avoid unnecessary travels and costs (e.g., for an on-premises maintenance worker to receive real-time instructions from an expert at the office). Price (per user/month): base license – $65, attach license – $20.

Sales is a CRM that enables sales pipeline management and provides a 360-degree customer view. It includes the following license options:

  • Sales Professional offers core sales automation capabilities and is suitable for businesses with simple sales processes. Price (per user/month): base license – $65, attach license – $20.
  • Sales Enterprise offers the Sales Professional functionality plus advanced customization, embedded intelligence, and manual forecasting. Price (per user/month, may also be licensed per device): base license – $95, attach license – $20.
  • Sales Premium offers the Sales Enterprise capabilities plus pre-built intelligence solutions. Price (per user/month): $135.
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales combines Sales Enterprise with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise to facilitate relationship selling. Price (per user/month): $162.

Supply Chain Management enables smart supply chain building through real-time visibility and intelligent insights into supply processes from order fulfillment to production to logistics. Price (per user/month): base license – $180, attach license – $30.

Unassigned licenses

Customer Insights helps unify customer data taken from any sources for intelligent insights and eliminate data silos. Price (per tenant/month): base license – $1,500, attach license – $1,000.

Customer Voice helps develop professional surveys and receive crucial customer feedback. Price (per tenant/month): from $200 for 2,000 survey responses.

Marketing helps build effective customer-oriented marketing campaigns and measure their performance. Price (per tenant/month): base license – from $1,500, attach license – from $750.

Fraud Protection is a cloud-based anti-fraud solution meant to protect online customer accounts and online transactions and reduce in-store fraud costs for brick and mortar retailers. Price (per tenant/month): $1,000.

Intelligent Order Management provides a unified solution to coordinate and optimize orders received from different channels. Price (per tenant/month): from $300 for 1,000 order lines.


Achieve Business Processes Efficiency at a Reasonable Price with Dynamics 365

Microsoft offers a range of licensing and pricing options for its Dynamics 365 products that enable seamless data sharing, automation, and business process optimization. If you are looking to implement a cost-effective Dynamics 365 solution tailored to your business needs, feel free to contact ScienceSoft’s team for expert assistance.

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