9 Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting Services For Beginners 2024


Looking forward to managing the Bulky and Voluminous data of your website seamlessly? 

If so then get yourself stuffed with the Top 9 Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting provinces 2024 (Top Picked) offering you the best resources and TopNotch hosting infrastructure taking care of the data of your website.

With proper observation and analysis, we have picked the best PostgreSQL hosting providers who not only offer hosting services for Free but also provide uncompromised service quality. 

Here in this article, we have listed the best one for you to go with depending on your service requirements. Let’s get into the details real quick.

  • Best Overall

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    • GoogieHost offers Best Free MySQL Hosting, its Cluster allows you to accept all the Database challenges like Uptime, Scalability and Friendly Interface
  • Best For Beginners

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    • Apply coupon “STABLE10” and get most popular free PostgreSQl hosting package at Just 10% Discount for yearly and Triannual Plan.
  • Most features

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What are PostgreSQL Hosting?

To help you understand what PostgreSQL Hosting actually is, PostgreSQL hosting is a type of web hosting service that offers you a server or an infrastructure where you can easily deploy, handle and maintain the PostgreSQL database without any interruptions. 

Moreover, PostgreSQL hosting even offers you Fully automated backups, scaling options and 24/7 server monitoring as well.

What are PostgreSQL Hosting?

9 Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting

Exclusively for you, our fellow readers, we have brought a list of the Top 9 Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting service providers that offer the best-in-class quality service and incredible web resources like CPU, RAM, Storage and bandwidth that allow you to seamlessly deploy and handle the PostgreSQL database. 

⏰  TL;DR:

1. GoogieHost– Overall Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting2. YouStable – Best Performing PostgreSQL Hosting3. Kamatera – Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting Provider4. InterServer – Best Budget Free PostgreSQL Hosting5. Hostinger – Powerful PostgreSQL Hosting Provider6. A2Hosting – Best UserFriendly PostgreSQL Hosting7. UltaHost – Affordable and Reliable Free PostgreSQL Hosting8. HostArmada – Fast, Reliable and Stable PostgreSQL Hosting9. Bluehost – Affordable and Reliable PostgreSQL Hosting

1. GoogieHost – Overall Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting

GoogieHost, one of the Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting Service providers, offers Unlimited data transfer and end-to-end security protocols ensuring the highest data safety.

Moreover, GoogieHost offers full PHPMyAdmin, and Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for websites run on the PostgreSQL database. 

GoogieHost offers technical assistance with its dedicated support staff working backstage in case you have any sort of issue while configuring the server as per your requirements.

Googiehost About : Best Free Web Hosting

Key Features 

🔶 Free PostgreSQL Hosting: For absolutely Zero cost, Googiehost offers Free PostgreSQL Hosting services with fully operational phpMYAdmin.

🔶 Dedicated Support services: Aided with 24/7 LiveChat with an expert agent and Ticket support, GoogieHost ensures none of your technical doubts go unresolved.

🔶 Free Sub-Domains: You even get a chance to enjoy a Free of Cost Sub-Domain for your Free PostgreSQL site, which is easy to remember and engaging.

🔶 Free SSL Certificates: As far as safety is concerned, GoogieHost offers a very secure model to users wanting to run a PostgreSQL site with Advanced DDoS and BitNinja.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL site1000MB SSD Free SSL100GB BandwidthPaid Plan ($1.99/m)PostgreSQL siteUnlimited NVMe Free SSLUnlimited Bandwidth

🔔 GoogieHost Offer 2024 — GoogieHost offers Best Free MySQL Hosting, its Cluster allows you to accept all the Database challenges like Uptime, Scalability and Friendly Interface.

2. YouStable – Best Performing PostgreSQL Hosting

With Free CyberPanel, to seamlessly handle and manage the functionaries of the website, YouStable offers Free Fully managed PostgreSQL Hosting services, which allows the users to manage a diverse range of data.

The latest NVMe SSD storage mechanism even ensures a faster loading speed for the PostgreSQL-run site.

DirectAdmin control panel, LiteSpeed Web servers, CloudLinux and other Industry-leading technologies make YouStable, one of the best choices among Developers.

YouStable About

Key Features 

🔶 Multiple Framework Support: Other than PostgreSQL, YouStable enables the deployment of various other frameworks like Django, MySQL, Flask and many more.

🔶 Scalable Plans: If you believe that the free PostgreSQL hosting plans are falling short of features, you can go for upgraded plans as per your requirements.

🔶 Incredible Security: Advanced DDoS Protection, Regular Malware Scanning and Server monitoring ensure the safety of the data of your website.

🔶 Free Site Migration: YouStable offers you the chance to shift your hosting from your existing hosting provider seamlessly at Zero Cost.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL site1000MB SSD Free SSL100GB BandwidthPaid Plan ($3.25/m)PostgreSQL siteUnlimited NVMe Free SSLUnlimited Bandwidth

🔔 YouStable Offer 2024 — Apply coupon “STABLE10” and get most popular hosting package at Just 10% Discount for yearly and Triannual Plan

3. Kamatera – Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting Provider

When it comes to hourly payments for Cloud services, 30 Days of Free PostgreSQL Hosting Trials, Load Balancers and WorkLoad Monitoring, Kamatera holds one of the highest marks.

Newbie Web Developers can blindly Choose Kamatera simply because it offers Trials without any Credit card requirements.

Moreover, one of the amazing services that Kamatera is known for is its Anytime approachable Support Agent via LiveChat. This service is available to everyone, be it a new user.

Kamatera About

Key Features 

🔶 30 Days Free PostgreSQL Hosting Trials: To let you taste first what you gonna buy, Kamatera offers 30 Days Free PostgreSQL Hosting Trials without Credit card requirement. 

🔶 24/7 Support Agents: At times of Emergency, when users run into harsh technical issues, Kamatera offers a helping hand via LiveChat sorting out minute issues.

🔶 Fully Managed Hosting Atmosphere: For Web Developers, who are new to handling PostgreSQL sites, Kamatera offers Fully managed services to let you focus more on the growth of the website.

🔶 Hourly Billing: We all know that Hosting services are expensive at times! To this Hourly Payment plays a key role in making the services affordable by letting the users buy only for the time they require.

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan (30 Days)PostgreSQL site1TB Cloud Storage Free SSL1TB BandwidthPaid Plan ($4/hour)PostgreSQL site20GB SSDFree SSL1000GB Bandwidth

🔔 Kamatera Offer 2024—Hurry! Start your 30-day Kamatera Free Trial Now! There are no hidden fees, and you’ll have 24-Hour Support. Don’t miss out!

4. InterServer – Best Budget Free PostgreSQL Hosting

InterServer, due to its highly scalable hourly plans and minimum efforts to manage sites, offers one of the best Free PostgreSQL hosting services with greater stability, a Sophisticated security mechanism and a one-click Quick PostgreSQL command tool as well.

With InterServer, Developers can modify PostgreSQL in any form owing to its ability to scale. Moreover, the support services from InterServer via LiveChat and email are superb making it the best PostgreSQL Hosting ground for newbies.

Interserver About

Key Features 

🔶 Easy to SetUp and Install: Users can easily set up and Install PostgreSQL in cPanel in just a few clicks. The users can effortlessly run the SQL commands as well.

🔶 Free tools to Manage PostgreSQL: Command Tool to manage PostgreSQL,  Administration tool and Log analyser to create reports all are provided by hosting service from InterServer.

🔶 Scalable Plans: Upgrading and Downgrading the web resources of the PostgreSQL site is easy with InterServer, allowing users to choose plans as per their needs.

🔶 Full root Access: Enjoy Complete Administration of the Web Servers and make as many configurations as required as per the requirement of the PostgreSQL site. 

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL siteNANANAPaid Plan ($10/m)PostgreSQL site30GB SSD Free SSL2TB Bandwidth

🔔 InterServer Offer 2024— Coupon Code for 99% Off Web Hosting & VPS | Apply coupon “GRABPENNY” and get most popular hosting package at Just 1 for 3 month.

5. Hostinger – Powerful PostgreSQL Hosting Provider

As we all know running a PostgreSQL site requires a large amount of system resources and memory, Hostinger offers the Cheapest PostgreSQL hosting plans with Top-notch web resources that allow Developers to manage the sites run on Query Language.

Since it manages complex and large volumes of data, Hostinger provides Fully managed Servers.

Hostinger even provides Dedicated support services to users who are new to this Open source object rational database management via LiveChat and AI assistance leaving no stone unturned in aiding to sort out server-related issues.

hostinger about

Key Features

🔶 SSD NVMe Storage Technology: To ensure greater website loading speed and quicker accessibility, Hostinger offers SSD NVMe Storage Mechanism. 

🔶 AI Assistance + LiveChat Support: For users having no idea about how to handle and manage complex and large volumes of data, Contacting Experts via LiveChat or AI assistance can be the best way out.

🔶 Full Root Access: Developers get Complete Access to the web servers to make configurations as per the requirements of the PostgreSQL site.

🔶 Weekly Snapshots: In fields like server security, Hostinger offers the best web hosting ground as it offers weekly snapshots and server monitoring to safeguard the server from any malicious online threats.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL siteNANANAPaid Plan ($4.99/m)PostgreSQL site50GB NVMe Free SSL4TB Bandwidth

🔔 Hostinger Offer 2024— Hostinger currently offers up to 79% OFF for Limited Time Offer. Get an Extra 7% OFF with the Coupon code ” SAVEBIG”.

6. A2Hosting – Best UserFriendly PostgreSQL Hosting

From Multiple Framework Support to exceptional performance and speed, A2Hosting offers the 20XTimes Faster PostgreSQL hosting solutions.

A2Hosting’s plans are developer-friendly as it offers different versions of PHP/ PostgreSQL, Free SSL/ Free SSH Access and a lot more.

A2Hosting even offers Guru Support Services for those users who are entangled with server-related configurations when handling a diverse amount of data and applications. Sensitive data is further secured with Advanced DDoS Protection and SSL certificates.

A2 hosting

Key Features 

🔶 20Times Faster Hosting: Get a faster, more efficient and smoother Hosting experience with A2Hosting with Turbo fast web servers delivering the nicest performance.

🔶 Free SSH Access to Free SSL: With Zero cost SSL encrypts the connection between the visitor and the website and Free SSH access ensures a full root approach to the server.

🔶 Pre-Installed phpPGAdmin: Along with the A2Hosting hosting service plan, get an already-installed phpPGAdmin to ensure proper management of the data individually.

🔶 24/7 Support: It is the backbone of any hosting company. The support services of A2Hosting Like every company are round the clock and offer LiveChat to resolve issues.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL siteFree CloudLinux OSFree SSLFree cPanelPaid Plan ($35.99/m)PostgreSQL site150GB SSD Free SSL2TB Bandwidth

🔔 A2Hosting Offer 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Save 60% OFF on A2Hosting PostgreSQL Plans. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your A2Hosting VPS Server subscription.

7. UltaHost – Affordable and Reliable Free PostgreSQL Hosting

Right from PostgreSQL server to run the database itself, phpPGAdmin to manage your PostgreSQL database StackBuilder to install additional PostgreSQL-related Plugins, UltaHost offers the best Windows setup to the Developers to effortlessly install on the servers.

Along with these specifics, UltaHost has very strong security due to IP whiteListing and BitNinja.

Moreover, Ultahost offers additional configuration tools plus FireWall settings to ensure that your PostgreSQL site is cyber attack-free.

ultahost ABout

Key Features

🔶 UserFriendly StackBuilder: Stack Builder offers Best-in-class PostgreSQL tools that help in managing complex and large volumes of data within a matter of seconds.

🔶 Strong Security: Along with other amenities, UltaHost also takes care of the security of the data of your site with Enhanced DDoS Protection, Imunify360 and many more.

🔶 Multiple Framework Support: From PHP all the latest versions and SSH access to Server monitoring, UltaHost has everything that is required for Quick access and support services.

🔶 Full Root Access: To ensure that developers can make changes as per the need of the site or application, Complete server access is provided by UltaHost.

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan (30-Days)PostgreSQL siteEasy to manageFree SSLUnmetered BandwidthPaid Plan ($15.90/m)PostgreSQL site50GB NVMe SSDFree SSLUnlimited Bandwidth

🔔 UltaHost Offer 2024 – For a limited time, you can get an UltaHost hosting for up to 30% Off! Don’t miss out! Get an Extra 5% OFF with the happy Coupon code GOOGIEHOST.

8. HostArmada – Fast, Reliable and Stable PostgreSQL Hosting

HostArmada, one of the best PostgreSQL database hosting service providers, offers Cloud Open source hosting which includes MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL as well.

Moreover, HostArmada offers Free daily backup plans, Zero Cost cPanel Control Panel, Free Website Migration, and Free SSLs and the list keeps on going and going.

With 99.90% of guaranteed Uptime, it ensures that the server is near to 24/7 online and accessible to the visitors of the site.

HostArmada About

Key Features 

🔶 Round-the-clock Tech Support: Get full dedicated support from the experts of HostArmada via Livechat and the Ticketing system in case of server mismanagement.

🔶 One Click Framework Installer: Easily and effortlessly install PostgreSQL on Windows with just a few clicks. This even ensures quick workflow and navigable options.

🔶 Tight Website Security: To ensure proper security and to safeguard the data of the PostgreSQL sites, HostArmada’s DDoS Protection and Watertight website security plays a major role.

🔶 Cloud Storage: The data is stored in the cloud servers ensuring that it’s accessible at any point of time when required.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL siteFree BackUp Free SSLUnlimited BandwidthPaid Plan ($2.49/m)PostgreSQL site15GB SSD Storage Free SSLUnlimited Bandwidth

🔔 HostArmada Offer 2024 – Here’s the 100% working HostArmada coupon code “GOOGIEHOST75” and save Instant 75% OFF on all shared hosting plan.

9. BlueHost – Affordable and Reliable PostgreSQL Hosting

BlueHost lets you create your PostgreSQL DataBase in the cPanel itself. BlueHost even offers Full root access to the web servers, to enable the users to configure the servers as per the requirements of the sites.

Moreover, users get dedicated chat and email support from experts sorting out even a minute issue arising out of PostgreSQL database installation.

BlueHost supports multiple frameworks from MongoDB to Djongo, simply a user needs to install from One click installer softaculous.

Bluehost Hosting

Key Features 

🔶 Multi-Server Management: Users can add more number of Virtual servers or Windows to their account and manage it all from one place itself.

🔶 SSD Storage: To ensure that the website loads faster, BlueHost offers an SSD Storage mechanism that even makes your website accessible to visitors.

🔶 Full Root Access: To make necessary changes in the servers, BlueHost provides the users with Full root Access, ensuring the configurations are done as per the requirement.

🔶 24/7 dedicated Support: The dedicated Support Team offers round-the-clock support services letting the users tackle any server-related issue in no time.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanPostgreSQL siteNANANAPaid Plan ($31.99/m)PostgreSQL site120GB SSD NVMe Free SSLUnlimited Bandwidth

🔔 Bluehost Offer 2024 – From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, bluehost provides your complete web hosting solution with affordable price.

There we are, with a handful of Top 9#Best Cheap PostgreSQL Hosting service that offers all the necessary web resources to handle and manage PostgreSQL Database efficiently. With so many out there, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. 

Therefore, consider the Scalability, Price and Performance ratio of the PostgreSQL hosting provider when choosing the Right one. 

Why Choose Free PostgreSQL Database Hosting?

Many of you, may want to know why one should choose Free PostgreSQL DataBase Hosting. It is a really attractive offer to go for because:

  • Free PostgreSQL Hosting first of all remove cost barriers, making it ideal for startups, and newbie web developers.
  • Secondly, it offers an economical way to test and develop applications without spending money.
  • Free Hosting, be it PostgreSQL database or shared, offers the best learning ground where you can brush up your server skills.

Although one can benefit a lot from Free PostgreSQL hosting, however, on greater requirements, users can purchase Premium plans also. Premium plans are slightly upgraded as compared to Free versions.


Which is the best host for my PostgreSQL database for free?

As far as service quality, web resources like RAM/ CPU/ Storage and Multiple Framework Support and Quick installation are concerned, Googiehost offers the best-in-class PostgreSQL-friendly resources that too for Zero Cost.

Which cloud provider offers free PostgreSQL database service?

Kamatera, for 30Days free Trial, GoogieHost and YouStable offer Free PostgreSQL database services along with excellent quality web resources to manage the voluminous and bulky data efficiently.

Is PostgreSQL completely free?

Yes! PostgreSQL is Completely Free with Kamatera (30-Days Free Trial), GoogieHost and YouStable. These hosting providers also offer the best quality hosting services and round-the-clock live chat support services.

How Much Does PostgreSQL Cost?

The starting cost of the PostgreSQL database hosting service is 1.99/ month exclusively offered by GoogieHost’s Premium Plan.

Is PostgreSQL Better Than MySQL?

PostgreSQL works better as compared to MySQL database as PostgreSQL is faster when handling massive data, complex queries and read and write functionalities.

Which server hosting is best for PostgreSQL?

Kamatera, GoogieHost and YouStable, to name a few, are the best Server hosting service providers for PostgreSQL Database management as it not only offer Free Plans but also the server requirements are properly met as well.


Selecting the best PostgreSQL hosting plan is dependent on your specific needs, such as the amount of data your website needs to handle, your budget (Free/ Premium), and the level of security you require. 

When choosing a hosting provider, it is critical to research and compare various plans, read customer reviews, and consider the provider’s Multiple Framework supporting features and customer support.

We hope this article has given you a good idea of what to expect from some of the top PostgreSQL hosting providers. Remember that investing in a reputable hosting provider can help you manage your site’s large and complex data well.

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