44 (Most Popular) Best WordPress Themes 2024


In this listicle, you will find the most popular and best WordPress themes for building any website type.

Blog, eCommerce, portfolio, corporate, agency – super niche or general – IT DOES NOT MATTER!

These themes are screaming to become the foundation of your online success.

Over the past years, our team studied and tested 100s (if not 1000s) of themes considered “popular.”

I don’t think it was easy. Sleepless nights, red eyes, and TOO much coffee eventually made us conclude.

This is THE theme collection.

We chose the top 44 based on downloads, customer reviews, updates, user-friendliness, and compatibility with mobile devices and plugins.

You cannot go wrong with any of these. Period.

They all deliver a powerful, modern, and high-performing website at a fraction of a cost of a real coder.


Our Methodology

Colorlib’s methodology for selecting the best WordPress themes is rooted in a comprehensive and user-focused approach, ensuring themes meet and exceed users’ expectations. Here’s a breakdown of their criteria:

  • Design Quality and Aesthetics: A theme’s visual appeal is paramount. Colorlib looks for modern, clean, responsive designs that ensure a seamless device experience. Attention to detail, such as typography, spacing, and color schemes, is crucial.
  • Functionality and Customization: The best themes balance out-of-the-box functionality and customization options. Colorlib favors themes with intuitive page builders, theme options, and custom widgets that empower users to tailor their sites without coding knowledge.
  • Performance and Optimization: Themes must be lightweight and optimized for speed. Colorlib tests themes for fast loading times and adherence to the latest web performance practices, understanding that speed impacts user experience and SEO.
  • Compatibility and Support: Top themes are compatible with popular plugins and adhere to the latest WordPress standards. Colorlib also values robust support from developers, including comprehensive documentation and responsive support channels.
  • Security and Regular Updates: Security is non-negotiable. Colorlib selects themes that follow best security practices and receive regular updates to address vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

By rigorously applying these criteria, Colorlib ensures that its recommendations stand out for their quality, reliability, and user-friendliness, making them suitable choices for a wide range of website projects.

Here is why you can trust us with the selection.

The Best WordPress Theme For Most

best WordPress theme


You can’t go wrong by choosing Divi theme. It is used by over 1M+ users and installed on countless websites worldwide. It comes with a Divi Builder, which is easy to use and very flexible. Without experience with WordPress or website building, you can build any website using Divi.

The Best WordPress Themes To Consider

  • Divi – Best For Most
  • Jevelin – Best WordPress Theme
  • Soledad – Best For Bloggers
  • Kalium – Best For Minimalistic Websites
  • WoodMart – Best For eCommerce
  • TheGem – Best For Business
  • Webify – Best For Landing Pages
  • Uncode – Best For Creatives
  • Oshine – Best For Simple Websites
  • Total – Best For Timeless Websites
  • 1. Divi – Best For Most

    Best Premium WordPress themes

    Divi is the most popular WordPress theme ever released, with over 1M users worldwide. Its motto is “The sky is the limit.”

    In short, Divi offers you UNLIMITED customization features and superior functionality.

    The Divi Builder is a feature that will help you create the layout of your dreams.

    The Divi layout builder will allow you to CHANGE ANYTHING in your layout, from colors and icons, to page and post formats. It is based on a drag & drop interface so everyone can use it.

    You can install the theme and upload content in less than an hour. (More like minutes!)

    You can read our full Divi review here for more information about this awesome WordPress theme.

    More info / Download

    2. Jevelin – Best WordPress Theme

    Most Popular WordPress themes

    Jevelin is one of the highest-rated premium WordPress themes you can get today. It performs top-notch as a multipurpose tool with deep-running customization capacities and an intuitive visual page-building process that you can quickly master.

    A perfect theme for personal, professional, business, or corporate websites.

    Jevelin has the stuff you need to bring your project into the 21st century.

    Bloggers find in Jevelin a peculiarly comfortable space where they can effortlessly spread their views and ideas through different types of content. Words, photography, videos, or any other content idea you have work for Jevelin.

    NO THEME can get your point across like Jevelin can.

    Give Jevelin a go today, and feel the difference!

    More info / Download

    3. Soledad – Best For Bloggers


    Soledad is the most popular WordPress theme covering every category, from a simple personal food blog to a tech news site.

    You must do something right when your product holds a WordPress sales record.

    Over 250 home page demos are available for all users. But you have 1,000s of available combinations to work with.

    Users also access a MASSIVE color palette and a stunning website gallery. An online documentation source is available for those who wish to learn more about Soledad.

    Thanks to the WordPress Live Customizer feature, you can preview all changes before applying them. This ENCOURAGES creativity by making it easier to correct mistakes.

    More info / Download

    4. Kalium – Best For Minimalistic Websites


    Kalium is one of the best WordPress themes, perfectly suited for portfolios and blogs. Potential employers and customers will be amazed as they navigate your well-designed page.

    Your site will be highly customizable, as you can alter or change every element.

    The addition of the valuable Slider Revolution allows you to display artful content in the best ways possible.

    You may also add custom animation, effects, and transitions. Several portfolio variations allow you to showcase each content element differently.

    This will provide a REFRESHING browsing experience for readers, resulting in a larger view count.

    No specialized knowledge is needed to create pages easily. This eliminates the need to hire web development companies.

    More info / Download

    5. Astra

    astra fastest wordpress theme

    Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes for any website. What’s special about Astra is its amazing free version, which you can use (for free) forever.

    Astra delivers excellent customization capabilities to tailor your needs and requirements to a tee. It also smoothly integrates with all modern page builders, so you know coding is a thing of the past.

    Another remarkable thing about Astra is how lightweight and fast it loads.

    In short, Astra ensures easy work for the best result that will take your site’s user experience to the next level.

    More info / Download

    6. Elementor

    elementor ecommerce wordpress theme

    Elementor is the complete solution for building your dream website with its amazing drag-and-drop page builder and multiple ready-made site templates.

    You don’t need anything else on your initial start. You can enjoy fast and effortless website building because it takes no experience, thanks to a beginner-friendly interface.

    Trust me, you’ll learn everything on the fly.

    Elementor is great for online stores, business sites, blogs, portfolios, etc.

    Benefit from the total design freedom and start your online journey free of charge.

    Note: If you don’t have hosting sorted yet, you can opt for Elementor’s cloud website service.

    For more, you’re always welcome to read our comprehensive Elementor review.

    More info / Download

    7. Ultra

    ultra popular wordpress theme

    Ultra is a powerful and popular WordPress theme for making responsive sites quickly.

    You can start immediately with the 60+ design layouts and twelve extra boulder add-ons to enhance your online presence.

    Ultra includes multiple configuration options, control over colors and typography, a built-in mega menu, and great portfolio and eCommerce functionalities.

    The theme is also carefully optimized for mobile and SEO, guaranteeing excellent performance and better Google-friendliness.

    It takes minutes, and you can already see your page coming together with Ultra.

    More info / Download

    8. Kadence

    kadence free wordpress theme

    With Kadence, you can master modern and professional websites in little time. It’s a popular WordPress theme that gives you confidence about building and running a top-class website.

    Kadence supports integrations like Elementor, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Give and bbPress, to name a few.

    While the demo material is spectacular, you can go over and beyond with custom configurations and 3rd-party integrations.

    In other words, Kadence doesn’t limit you in any way, so you can establish the website you need for yourself or your client.

    More info / Download

    9. OceanWP

    oceanwp fastest wordpress theme

    OceanWP unlocks an ocean of opportunities for building a website and gaining more online recognition.

    The fast collection of ready-made demos covers eCommerce, photography, portfolio, agency, business, and many other niches, so there’s something for everyone.

    But you immediately expand OceanWP’s possibilities with simple customizations and editing, that can make a default demo look completely different.

    You’re the boss with OceanWP.

    The theme is also 100% translatable, accessibility-ready and lightweight (for fast loading). We also like OceanWP’s seamless Gutenberg integration, but you can also work with Elementor, Beaver Builder and other site editors.

    More info / Download

    10. GeneratePress

    generatepress fastest wordpress theme

    While GeneratePress’s demos are more basic, it’s a solid foundation that can handle any website creation, large or small.

    It’s also an excellent solution if you build multiple websites because it easily caters to different niches (with nearly 100 demos!).

    Another specialty of GeneratePress is that it’s free and open-source, but you can expand to the pro version anytime.

    It’s no secret that you’ll generate epic websites with GeneratePress, so test it out and see how well it’ll fit your project needs.

    More info / Download

    11. WoodMart – Best For eCommerce

    woodmart woocommerce wordpress theme

    WoodMart is one of the most popular WordPress themes with 10s of 1,000s of downloads. It specializes in eCommerce, rocking 70+ demos to work with.

    You use WoodMart for any online store you want. The sample fits your project by default (it’s very likely!). You can still tweak the configuration and look however you want (Elementor).

    Ajax technology, great filtering, a mega menu, a quick shop, and a slider are just a few features. What we also like about WoodMart is the many available language packs you can download and save time.

    Go eCom with WoodMart!

    More info / Download

    12. TheGem – Best For Business

    Best WordPress theme

    TheGem has been developed by a dedicated team of coders and designers to provide you a robust and reliable framework for all kinds of websites.

    It best suits professional portfolios and personal or corporate blog websites, with dozens of dedicated layout designs you can easily customize through the WPBakery page builder.

    TheGem also has PLENTY conceptual demo websites for businesses, gyms, spa centers, creative design agencies, and online stores powered by WooCommerce.

    It also includes many more template pages than you’ll know what to do with, ensuring you always find what you need to make your content shine.

    Regardless of the project on your hands, TheGem HAS WHAT YOU NEED to succeed.

    More info / Download

    13. Webify – Best For Landing Pages

    webify popular wordpress theme

    Webify is becoming one of the most popular WordPress themes. With its many features and functions, anyone can effortlessly use it to their advantage.

    Webify is a multi-functional site skin with 20+ neat and modern demos.

    With Webify, you can establish pages for businesses, agencies, freelancers, bloggers, and online store owners. Let’s make it short and say that Webify is FOR EVERYONE.

    Some more features of Webify are the parallax effect, 200+ elements, compatibility with WPML for translation, and mega menu.

    Documentation and support are also on point, so you never feel lonely on your journey to a victorious launch of your online space.

    More info / Download

    14. Uncode – Best For Creatives

    Best WordPress themes

    Uncode is another popular WordPress theme focusing on beautiful design. The tool is decked out with an amazing set of elements and features that make churning highly interactive websites easy.

    It also focuses on legibility and brand identity, extensively customizable typographical options and advanced color schemes. Uncode is efficiently coded to load fast and be easy on any hosting.

    It is also very social media friendly, allowing for virilization of content and maximized exposure. Uncode is a theme that lets you build websites that people CAN ENJOY and want to share with others immediately.

    If you have something to say and need a beautiful soapbox to tell it from, Uncode is YOUR THEME.

    More info / Download

    15. Oshine – Best For Simplicity

    Best WordPress Themes

    Oshine is probably one of the best WordPress themes for many website applications, from business to corporate, personal to commercial, sizes big and small.

    This theme has unique and powerful capabilities to build static and single-page websites swiftly and efficiently.

    You could also engage users with locally or remotely hosted static parallax video backgrounds, headers, sections – you name it.

    Furthermore, Oshine’s custom drag-n-drop visual page builder empowers anyone to create incredible layouts from scratch or based on Oshine’s sophisticated templates.

    Dress to impress with Oshine, and outshine the competition!

    More info / Download

    16. Total – Best For Timeless Websites


    Total has been developed to perform at top level across many fields and industries.

    It requires no coding to provide webmasters with professional quality websites with resourceful features built right into the theme.

    This theme deploys WPBakery, which provides front-end and back-end page design and layout customization solutions.

    Total is a flexible framework for constructing articulate websites packed with modern features, such as amazing ready-made premium sliders and impressive mega menus with plentiful customization options.

    Total also includes multiple page templates and live demo websites you can deploy within a few clicks. Be awesome with Total today!

    More info / Download

    17. BeTheme


    BeTheme is one of the most impressive multipurpose themes that can be bought for less than $60.

    You can use this theme for every project and you won’t need to buy another one.

    Improved column grid with features even a 5 and a 6 column layout. This helps create a friendlier and MORE engaging layout, which will convince your visitors to return.

    The Grayscale effect of this theme will help you save loading time by rendering pictures only when the viewer accesses them.

    The child theme file also comes with the download package. Take it to the extremes with BeTheme.

    More info / Download

    18. Litho

    litho popular wordpress theme

    Litho is a popular WordPress theme that fits any industry and niche. It comes with 36 demos and 300+ page layouts that you can use however you like.

    Litho handles it easily for you, online stores, portfolios, blogs, agencies, and small and large businesses.

    Plus, you can customize Litho to the extreme using the drag-n-drop builder, Elementor. No coding and design knowledge is necessary to build a web masterpiece with Litho.

    The theme also comes with regular updates and quick-response support that is STOKED to offer a helping hand.

    Realize your ideas and launch a powerful website quickly because you deserve it.

    More info / Download

    19. Massive Dynamic

    Massive Dynamic is an unimaginably flexible platform for developing beautiful, attractive websites across various industries and fields.

    This theme simplifies the website design and building process through the real-time Live Website Builder and COOL setting configurations.

    Massive Dynamic offers customized, professionally designed demos for niche and general applications. It all works for Massive Dynamic, from corporate and commercial to business or even personal websites.

    Massive Dynamic gets you from concept to live website in the blink of an eye.

    eCommerce support and functionality are fully included out of the box, makings things even easier. What’s not to love?

    More info / Download

    20. Sway

    sway wp theme

    Sway is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme that can easily work for your business, personal or corporate. Even as a freelancer or creative agency, you can SUCCESSFULLY employ the amazing perks of Sway.

    With 65+ samples and 350+ blocks, Sway delivers a massive bundle of components that will do you well. What’s best? This is not it.

    Sway also includes the WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, an online shop, a blog, parallax effects, and bbPress compatibility.

    Don’t miss this powerful WordPress alternative and start online LIKE A CHAMP.

    More info / Download

    21. Stockholm

    stockholm popular wordpress theme

    Why is Stockholm a popular WordPress theme? It is due to its remarkable multi-concept approach. Stockholm works for building personal, eCommerce, agency, fashion, wedding, and hotel websites, to name a few.

    With your added SIGNATURE touch, you can go way above that and create a web space that goes entirely against the norm.

    Stockholm has many features, including a drag-and-drop page builder, Slider Revolution, a flexible header, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and parallax effects.

    Whatever your idea might be, Stockholm will help you bring it to life. Waste no time and begin now.

    More info / Download

    22. Shopkeeper

    shopkeeper - multipurpose ecommerce theme

    Shopkeeper is a perfect choice for a trendy WordPress theme for your online store.

    It is perfect for novice and seasoned website developers, with amazing features and customization options.

    You can use the broad slider to promote your products, special packages, or other services. With Slider Revolution, producing beautiful and responsive slideshows is easy.

    Shopkeeper is also bundled with WPBakery, which allows you to add and organize elements in your website using the codeless editor.

    This theme also has countless custom widgets and powerful theme elements.

    Shopkeeper makes it EASIER for you TO MARKET your product online and reach a broader range of audiences.

    More info / Download

    23. Consulting

    consulting responsive business wordpress theme

    Consulting is a super versatile WordPress theme for business and finance. The bundle includes a whopping 50+ demos covering anything. The options are endless.

    The fun does not end here.

    You can modify Consulting to the last detail with the convenient drag and drop technique.

    100s of practical layouts, header builder, multi-location Google Maps, Slider Revolution, and 250+ custom elements, this and heaps more is what you receive with Consulting.

    And if you ever need additional assistance, the documentation and friendly support team are always at your disposal. Take your consulting business to NEW LEVELS of success now!

    More info / Download

    24. Appilo

    appilo wordpress theme

    Appilo is a highly resourceful WordPress theme ideal for building a striking and impactful landing page. Whether this is for an application or a business, Appilo covers them both and then some.

    With 90+ predefined demos, you can quickly find the right look for your objective. Still, it is unnecessary to stick with the default settings.

    Appilo comes with the Elementor drag and drop page builder, so MAKING ADJUSTMENTS will be a breeze.

    Every user also profits from the professional support team and a lifetime of updates, which keep your website running smoothly for years.

    Start on the internet like a champ with Appilo and enjoy the remarkable outcome.

    More info / Download

    25. Ekko

    ekko popular wordpress theme

    Undoubtedly, Ekko is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It is a tool for almost any website.

    Keep in mind that the bundle includes a whopping collection of 50+ full demo websites that you can immediately put into practice.

    On top of that, Ekko also comes with 200+ blocks and 40+ elements. Like that would not be enough, Ekko is coupled with the drag and drop page builder.

    Whether you are creating your first or your tenth website, with Ekko, everyone succeeds. This killer solution offers you unlimited possibilities to create the exact website you fancy.

    More info / Download

    26. Norebro

    norebro popular wordpress theme

    Norebro is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It can be used to create almost any website.

    You have all the content and the must-have features at your service – you only need to put them to use. Bringing into being the unique project page you are willing to launch is closer than ever with Norebro.

    Norebro answers all your questions and eases up the site development process.

    More info / Download

    27. KALLYAS


    KALLYAS is a solution to many problems, being a capable, intuitive website-building platform with flexibility and thorough resourcefulness.

    Every website built with KALLYAS will always be CREATIVE and UNREPEATABLE.

    Thoroughly out-of-the-box functional online store template pages make KALLYAS a gifted salesman and a natural theme for running all sorts of commercial operations.

    Laboriously designed portfolio styles and layouts offer a prime platform for professionals looking to project their capacities to potential employers in a sleek, memorable presentation.

    Breath-taking parallax visual effects and modern one-page website capabilities further add to what KALLYAS can let you accomplish.

    More info / Download

    28. Avada

    Avada - popular WordPress thee

    Avada is a great theme that will work well for any site you want to make. You can easily design your dream project from personal blogs and online portfolios to agency or niche news websites.

    As one of the most sold WordPress themes, over 950,000 users currently use it.

    They were customized through the Fusion Builder, an easy-to-use and efficient visual page builder.

    Plus, no matter what problem you encounter, the support center will help you resolve it.

    The Avada theme is also an excellent choice for cases when you want to start selling products or services. Its design works perfectly with ecommerce plugins, such as WooCommerce.

    The bottom line is that regardless of your online business plan, Avada is one of the options you should consider.

    More info / Download

    29. Infinite

    Infinite is a WordPress theme for multiple purposes. It works smoothly with many premium plugins and features.

    You will find it adaptable to all posting format needs and very responsive. Infinite has an INCREDIBLE speed performance tested by Google and is SEO improved.

    It is WPML compatible for easy translations. Infinite can create thumbnails to fit portfolio, blog, or gallery elements. Set up shops if you are building a business page with WooCommerce support.

    Infinite lets you test your creative ideas in real time with a beautiful live customizer.

    Backgrounds get their special touch with LightBox and additional CSS files and animations.

    MAKE a website stand out. MAKE it with Infinite.

    More info / Download

    30. Hongo

    hongo ecommerce 07

    Hongo is one of the most popular WordPress themes, exclusive for establishing great online stores.

    Thanks to WooCommerce integration, ready-made demos and page layouts and WPBakery, anyone can now create a dream eCommerce website.

    With little work and time, you can start pushing products and your journey to success.

    You will find 11 demos that take care of fashion, furniture, jewelry, lingerie, watch and electronic stores, to name a few.

    With your creativity, you can expand Hongo’s possibilities beyond the limit. As if that were not enough, you can expect new samples to drop with upcoming demos.

    Ensure a SPECTACULAR shopping experience with Hongo.

    More info / Download

    31. Essentials

    essentials wordpress theme

    Essentials is a well-liked WordPress theme that you can use for multiple businesses and projects. You can set things up quickly with its numerous demos and endless templates.

    In addition, Essentials offers you to work with Elementor or WPBakery page builder.

    That’s so awesome.

    Other specialties of Essentials include customizable website width, shape builder, global dynamic styles, and Master Slider.

    If you need a modern, popular and unique solution for your project, you better not miss Essentials. Even if you work on multiple websites, this theme will handle them.

    More info / Download

    32. Ekommart

    ekommart woocommerce wordpress theme

    Ekommart is a popular eCommerce WordPress theme with all the necessary tools to run an online store successfully. For quick website execution, you can work with any of the 20+ home demos.

    Moreover, Ekommart is also fully compatible with Dokan to create a full-blown online multi-vendor marketplace.

    You can also translate the theme and start a compelling blog. The options are LIMITLESS with Ekommart.

    Create a niche or a general online shop without sweat now.

    More info / Download

    33. Digeco

    digeco wordpress technology theme

    Digeco is an exclusive WordPress theme for startups and agencies. If you would like to follow modern mobile trends, both in performance and design, Digeco comes into play.

    It is a HIGHLY resourceful alternative that helps you get your business online sooner rather than later.

    You get 20+ demos, 120+ blocks, and 30 demos in the package. Of course, Digeco is also 100% editable and configurable with dragging and dropping.

    Portfolios, blog, one-click installation, Google Maps, and WPML compatibility are some of the extras of Digeco.

    More info / Download

    34. XStore


    XStore has been created through a lengthy design and development process to be the be-all and end-all theme for successful online commercial ventures.

    With XStore, rookies and veterans can equally craft the most engaging modern online shops in a MATTER OF MINUTES.

    XStore packs powerful premium plugins that streamline and simplify the website-building experience. It includes WPBakery, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7 plugins, which make short work of most design tasks.

    XStore’s generous collection of professionally designed website templates can be readily imported with a single click.

    Artisans and handcrafted creators love XStore because it lets them market their wares FROM DAY ONE, through a seamless, professional interface.

    More info / Download

    35. Specular


    You can sit back, relax, and let Specular’s wonderful features do their magic. Set up your professional portfolio websites that will take little time to complete.

    Specular includes 30+ demos, 8 blog styles, WPBakery page builder, jaw-dropping parallax sections, Revolution Slider, elegant header options, and unique layouts.

    Specular has all the right tools for webmasters to create ONE-OF-A-KIND business websites ready to hit the road and start marketing your products and services from day one.

    More info / Download

    36. Werkstatt

    Werkstatt is a flexible platform for creating resourceful websites quickly and easily. Customizing everything requires only a few clicks.

    No coding ability is necessary to use Werkstatt to its fullest extent. Werkstatt lets you find your way about its features intuitively with impressive documentation.

    Top-notch customer support is available around the clock for your every need.

    Businesses, professionals, freelancers, and bloggers find a solid, robust ally in Werkstatt.

    Unique portfolio features allow you to showcase your content in an attractive presentation. IMPRESS YOUR AUDIENCE with seamless transitions and animations.

    Werkstatt is simply every website you’ve ever wanted, all at your disposal.

    More info / Download

    37. Sassico

    sassico popular wordpress theme

    Sassico is a versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme that does the trick for startups, agencies, and other tech projects. You will find a different one- and multi-page home page demos in the bundle.

    In addition, Sassico has plenty more inner pages for your convenience. Every layout works well out of the box due to its clean and creative look.

    For everyone who likes to change and improve things, you can customize Sassico, too. With the Elementor page builder, of course!

    WITHOUT THE NEED to write code.

    Due to its resourcefulness, you will find nothing missing in the Sassico package.

    More info / Download

    38. Merchandiser


    Merchandiser is a sound and effective tool for webmasters to easily put together modern websites focusing on eCommerce, a full range of product display features, and advanced shopping cart capabilities within a few minutes.

    This theme has every plugin you need to quickly create sophisticated pages and a wealth of predesigned template layouts.

    You don’t feel up for starting from scratch? Pick Merchandiser.

    You understand why Merchandiser is such an EFFECTIVE TOOL for the modern online salesman or marketer.

    Add your content, do your thing, and Merchandiser will take care of the rest!

    More info / Download

    39. Intact

    Intact is a multipurpose WordPress theme ideal for you as a magical master tool. It is completely customizable and has absolute compatibility with most WordPress plugins.

    A variety of homepages and pre-built layout options will also be available. Intact uses the famous WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider as its basic makeup.

    However, you get integration of features such as Lightbox, Contact Form 7 and Google Maps.

    Layouts can handle many different posting formats. They contain more than 5 layout designs made for portfolio posts. Intact has CSS3 ANIMATIONS integrated, along with some GALLERY features.

    The admin panel for this theme is easy to use thanks to its clean and clear code. Intact is a theme thought for customization and versatility as its main advantages.

    Get started with this mind-blowing theme, filled with endless options.

    More info / Download

    40. Salient


    This premium WordPress theme offers a beautiful and impressive look for your site, which is one of the ways through which you can retain traffic.

    Salient’s extended HD video documentation will be useful if you have never customized a theme.

    Your site can be FULL-WIDTH or BOXED, and this modification can be done with a button click.

    Salient is ready for all your creative and professional ideas!

    More info / Download

    41. The7


    The7 is one of the most popular themes ever released. Even if the theme is very popular, you can create a UNIQUE website because of the easy-to-customize layout and skins.

    WPBakery helps you easily build any layout you have in mind. In addition to the builder, you will also get the Slider Revolution, Go Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables, and the Layer Slider, all for free.

    The installation of this theme is simple and quick.

    Once you buy it, you will receive a .zip file to upload to WordPress. Then, you will just need to activate it from the appearance section of your dashboard’s menu.

    More info / Download

    42. Brooklyn


    The Brooklyn creators are advertising it as the last theme you will ever need to buy. They base this affirmation on the fact that Brooklyn offers all the features and customization options needed within a multipurpose theme.

    The Brooklyn theme is built on the ZURB Foundation framework, making it one of the most responsive themes on the market.

    If you have no previous experience with WordPress or any other CMS and barely know what a theme is, you can still customise and manage the Brooklyn theme.

    Brooklyn contains everything you need to know about your site’s management, from installation to post scheduling.

    More info / Download

    43. Monstroid


    Monstroid is a popular theme for WordPress websites. It has a stunning design and a large roster of useful features.

    This product takes care of the heavy lifting, while you can personalize every aspect of your pages.

    Thankfully, Monstroid has implemented a parallax scrolling option, generating a clever illusion of depth. This makes your site STAND OUT, guaranteeing that it will have a place in any visitor’s memory.

    Instead of having a bland, conventional background, Monstroid offers a modern video background. You can use gorgeous slides to display pictures, texts, or videos.

    Your Monstroid page will transcend mediocrity.

    More info / Download

    44. Bridge


    Regardless of your topic or niche, Bridge has suitable and versatile functions to create an engaging and interactive interface for your audience.

    If you want to start an eCommerce project, the Bridge WordPress theme is one of the first things you need.

    It has a minimal layout, with drop-down menus, suggestive icons, and other attractive and functional design elements. You need not worry if you need this theme for a non-English website—it is easily translatable.

    The drag-and-drop page builder lets you select the elements you want and create a unique layout in less than an hour.

    It has built-in vectorial icons, a background slider for multimedia content, and a collection of 4 fluid ANIMATED transition effects powered by AJAX.

    Build the bridge between your customers and business with Bridge.

    More info / Download

    Why Should You Trust Us?

    Colorlib and its founder, Aigars Silkalns, have established themselves as trustworthy and influential figures in web development and design, particularly in the WordPress community. Here are several reasons why they are considered reliable:

    • Quality Resources and Themes: Colorlib is known for producing high-quality WordPress themes and website templates. Their products are well-designed, responsive, and user-friendly, catering to various website needs, from blogs and business sites to e-commerce platforms.
    • Comprehensive Support and Documentation: One of Colorlib’s hallmarks is its extensive support and detailed documentation for its themes and resources. This level of customer service builds trust and ensures users can effectively utilize its products.
    • Experience and Expertise: Aigars Silkalns has been involved in the web development and design industry for many years. His experience and deep understanding of WordPress, web design trends, and SEO best practices are evident in the resources, guides, and articles on Colorlib. This expertise has helped many users, from beginners to advanced developers, create and enhance their websites.
    • Community Engagement: Colorlib engages with its user community through its website’s forums, social media, and comments sections. They listen to user feedback and continually update their themes and resources to meet user needs and incorporate the latest web technologies.
    • Transparency and Honesty: Colorlib and Aigars Silkalns operate with a high level of transparency, openly sharing knowledge, tutorials, and insights about web development and design. This openness fosters trust and credibility within the community.
    • Educational Content: Beyond providing themes and templates, Colorlib also offers a wealth of educational content, including tutorials, how-to guides, and articles on various aspects of web design, WordPress, and digital marketing. This content is valuable for users looking to expand their knowledge and skills.
    • Innovation and Adaptation: The web development landscape constantly evolves, and Colorlib has demonstrated an ability to adapt to changes and embrace new technologies. This innovative approach ensures that their themes and resources remain relevant and effective for modern web standards.

    While these points establish a strong case for trusting Colorlib and Aigars Silkalns, it’s also important for individuals and businesses to conduct their own research and due diligence, especially when making decisions that impact their web presence. Reading reviews, exploring user testimonials, and testing out themes or resources firsthand can provide additional insights into whether Colorlib fits your needs.

    I hope this article helped you find the best WordPress theme for you. Now that you have a theme, look at the free WordPress plugins that will supercharge your website.

    Conclusion: Which Theme Is the Best for You?

    In conclusion, selecting the best WordPress theme for your website ultimately hinges on your specific needs, preferences, and the nature of your project. Divi, Jevelin, and Astra each have unique strengths, making them standout choices in a crowded marketplace.

    • Divi is unparalleled for those who prioritize creative control and versatility. Its powerful visual builder and extensive library of pre-designed elements make it ideal for users who want to craft custom websites without touching a line of code. Whether you’re building a portfolio, a business site, or an online store, Divi offers the flexibility to bring any vision to life.
    • Jevelin shines for users looking for a balance between design and functionality straight out of the box. With its wide array of demos and easy-to-use customization options, Jevelin is perfect for users who want a professional-looking site with minimal setup time. It’s particularly suited for creatives, agencies, and businesses aiming for a striking online presence with minimal fuss.
    • Astra stands out for its lightning-fast performance and seamless compatibility with page builders. Astra is the way to go if speed and efficiency are your top priorities. It’s also an excellent choice for those building content-rich sites like blogs or educational platforms, thanks to its optimized codebase and customizable layouts that ensure your content shines.

    Making a choice:

    • If you’re a web designer or developer looking to unleash your creativity, Divi might be your best bet.
    • For those seeking a quick and beautiful solution for a professional website, Jevelin offers a straightforward yet powerful path.
    • And if performance is paramount, especially for content-driven sites, Astra’s efficiency and customization capabilities make it a top contender.

    Remember, the best theme is one that not only looks great but also serves your website’s goals and grows with your needs. Consider your project’s requirements, technical expertise, and plans before deciding. Whichever theme you choose, Divi, Jevelin, and Astra can turn your website vision into a stunning reality.

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