21 Best Squarespace Minimalist Templates 2024


If you like simplicity and cleanness in web design, these best Squarespace minimalist templates will be useful.

We know how overwhelming it can feel to sift through endless options trying to find that one template that hits just the right note of efficiency and elegance.

That’s exactly why we’ve put together this handy guide.

From business to personal sites, we ensured that we included a design for everyone.

But it doesn’t end here.

You’re welcome to customize the template you like, personalize and brand it, and make it your own.

It’s so easy!

You’re just a few clicks away from making your website dreams a reality.

This post covers:

Best Squarespace Minimalist Templates

Below, you’ll find our list of the best Squarespace minimalist templates. These are perfect for anyone looking to create a clean, modern, and elegant website.

Each design is chosen for its versatility, ease of use, and seamless way it lets your content shine.

1. Hart

hart squarespace minimalist template

Hart creates a strong and lasting first impression mainly because of its black design.

The layout is clean and simple, with lots of white space for better readability. Moreover, the header sticks to the top of the screen, so menu links and social media icons are always available.

On the flip side, the footer is pretty plain, with a link to contact.

Hart also has predefined pages for a lookbook/portfolio and a blog. An active blog can take your business to the next level, so consider blogging.

Note: See a collection of the best black websites for inspiration.

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2. Suhama

suhama squarespace minimalist template

What’s really awesome about Suhama is its text-heavy, simplistic design that will trigger everyone’s interest.

The header only has a logo on the left and social media links on the right. Meanwhile, the footer features multiple columns for location and business details, but you can also add other useful information.

Last but not least, Suhama also works fantastically well for building one-page websites. (I’m sure you’ll also like checking out these great Squarespace one-page website examples.)

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3. Corrigan

corrigan squarespace minimalist template

First, the dark and light sections make Corrigan pop nicely. It’s another minimalistic Squarespace template that’s all about text and very little about visual content.

However, the well-structured layout and choice of typography make it easy to skim through, even if you decide to include a lot of written content.

You will also benefit from various predefined internal pages and an integrated contact form, so you don’t have to build from scratch.

Ideally, use Corrigan for a Squarespace law-related website. But if you like it so much, you can also alter it to some other industry.

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4. Pulaski

pulaski squarespace minimalist template

Pulaski is simplicity at its finest with a touch of liveliness, thanks to its color scheme.

It’s a Squarespace template that you can use to create a solid online presence for your personal brand, heck, even a resume or CV.

In addition to that, feel free to start a blog, include a contact page so clients can reach out easily and add links to your social media profiles.

Pulaski is no fluff, straight to the point.

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5. Hawley

hawley squarespace minimalist template

Nope, this is not another text-only minimalist Squarespace template.

The “hamburger” style links in the hero image react on hover, changing the entire background and enriching it with an image. Then, there are beautiful, full-width work/project pages with large, single-column image layouts that create a pleasant viewing experience.

Hawley’s About page is on the simple side, but that’s precisely what makes it work so well.

Finally, you won’t need to create a contact form because it’s already pre-built for your convenience.

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6. Palmera

palmera squarespace minimalist template

If you want to enter the blogging space with a minimalist blog, you better opt for Palmera.

This Squarespace template’s home page has a single-column post layout, with thumbnails on the left and date, title, and excerpt on the right.

You’ll immediately notice the synchronized white background across the entire website, including the header, base, and footer.

Speaking of footer, it has social media icons and a newsletter subscription form.

Wait, there’s more.

Palmera also contains ready-to-use About, Shop and Contact pages.

Further reading:

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7. Otto

otto squarespace minimalist template

Otto is one of the best Squarespace templates for creating single-page personal sites. It features a simple above-the-fold section with an option to add an image of yourself.

The header and footer are very basic, with social links and location details. You can also add contact details and other useful information in the footer if you want – hey, it’s easy to customize, so make it your way.

One of the elements that stands out and makes Otto even better is the large slider, which you can use to present your projects.

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8. Camdez

camdez squarespace minimalist template

Do you need a minimalist Squarespace template to create an online store where your products are the star of the show?

Camdez is an excellent example, where images do all the talking. Furthermore, the text is bold and easy to read, and in combination with plenty of white space, readability is top-notch.

Product pages are neat, with a zoom-in effect to view the item in more detail.

Write an about page to compel visitors and let them contact you easily and quickly through a contact form – all this and more with Camdez.

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9. Balboa

balboa squarespace minimalist template

Create an impactful and memorable online portfolio with Balboa and WOW everyone who visits it.

And the best part? You don’t need to do much work to achieve a spectacular outcome. Yes, really.

The design is impressively clean, with large text and stunning image grids. Each project page also has lightbox functionality for a more immersive viewing experience.

While Balboa doesn’t come with a contact form, it does have a clickable email and a link to Instagram for easy connections. Still, inserting a functional form into your site is easy with Squarespace.

Note: Don’t miss our list of the best Squarespace portfolio templates.

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10. Amal

amal squarespace minimalist template

Amal has a cool background animation that instantly captures your attention. The above-the-fold section is text-only, so you can share your message or describe your work in a word or two.

The sections are separated smartly with thin lines, maintaining the same green background, except for the footer.

Amal has a floating header and rocks accordions, which allow you to share additional information without sacrificing website space. Clever!

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11. Morena

morena squarespace minimalist template

Check out Morena, it’s a super clean Squarespace template with a vibe that’s all about keeping things light and airy.

The coolest part? The header disappears when you scroll down and pops back up when you scroll up.

Plus, the navigation bar has an RSVP button, so guests can easily let you know if they’re coming.

Morena focuses more on your words than pictures, making it perfect for creating a unique Squarespace wedding site.

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12. Palermo

palermo squarespace minimalist template

Palermo has a lovely image grind above the fold, showcasing parts of the property right from the get-go.

Anyone who wants to apply for the viewing can do so by clicking the CTA button in the header. For all the rest, the bright and light design ensures a pleasant user experience.

The listing page has a strategic structure to showcase more images, details and other information worth sharing.

When building a single property real estate site, Palermo does a great job of presenting it online in the best light.

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13. Chotto

chotto squarespace minimalist template

Chotto is a minimalist Squarespace template for restaurants and food businesses, making mouths salivate right away.

The home page has no bloat, sharing location and an image of a (popular) dish, and you can use it like that, too.

You also get other internal pages for menu, chef presentation, reservations and location with embedded Google Maps.

The header disappears and reappears depending on whether you scroll down or up for distraction-free browsing.

I also need to mention that Chotto features an online booking system powered by Tock, which makes running a restaurant even more convenient.

Working on a food site? Then peek at these Squarespace restaurant templates for a quick build.

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14. Emmeline

emmeline squarespace minimalist template

Emmeline is the Squarespace template that’s got it all for a sleek look.

Its sticky header stays put while you scroll, which, by the way, reveals content as you go – super smooth.

The full-width image backgrounds make the site pop nicely, keeping the attention glued to the screen.

And don’t miss the subscription form and a footer that slides text like it’s on a runway.

Last but not least, Emmeline offers to book appointments online directly.

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15. Arthur

arthur squarespace minimalist template

Arthur’s the Squarespace pick if you’re into showcasing your work with flair.

Its home page rocks a portfolio layout that’s anything but ordinary. Plus, when you click on an image, boom, it slides into a classy slideshow.

The header houses your menu, Instagram, and email icons without fuss. The footer is super streamlined and has just a spot for newsletter sign-ups.

Arthur is minimalist yet functional, perfect for making your work stand center stage.

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16. Novo

novo squarespace minimalist template

Novo is a minimalist Squarespace template with a large two-column portfolio grid home page. Thumbnails reveal titles on hover and link to project pages with fantastic presentations.

Social media icons are present both in the header and footer, with the former also having links to work and contact. The latter opens a contact form in a popup after clicking the “let’s work together” button to maintain a classier appearance.

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17. Reseda

reseda squarespace minimalist template

Reseda is a minimalist v gem that stands out with a huge title area right under the header, making a statement.

The menu floats around, always there when you need it. Furthermore, the homepage sports a rad random image grid that catches the eye.

Then there’s the footer – big, bold, and dark – contrasting sharply with the rest.

Reseda’s gallery pops with a lightbox effect, plus there’s online scheduling and a services page with clear pricing.

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18. Meriden

meriden squarespace minimalist template

Meriden is a Squarespace template with a soft, feminine touch to its color scheme, making it super inviting.

The drop-down menu keeps things tidy, and, as you scroll, new content appears with finesse.

Those CTA buttons fill in solid when you hover over them, adding a neat little interactive twist.

Plus, there’s a handy newsletter subscription form and an online booking system, making it perfect for anyone looking to blend beauty with functionality on their site.

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19. Bergen

bergen squarespace minimalist template

The Bergen Squarespace template starts with a statement/mission spot that you can use to captivate your visitors.

With the light design, the black CTA buttons pop even more, keeping clickability at an all-time high.

I also like the large single-column home page layout with big images that exhibit projects invitingly.

And the footer has a nice grayish background, so it keeps separated from the rest of the design, ensuring the content and links are more visible.

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20. Nolan

nolan squarespace minimalist template

Nolan is the Squarespace template for those who dig contrasts. It plays cool with dark and light sections that make content pop.

The header vanishes as you scroll down and reappears when you scroll back up. On the contrary, the black footer houses all your essential links.

With dedicated pages for work, services, the company, and contact info, Nolan is designed for businesses that want a minimalist vibe without skimping on detail.

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21. Carmine

carmine squarespace minimalist template

Carmine doesn’t shy away from color or bold text. It’s like a splash of vivid hues with typography that jumps right off the screen, making every word count more than the pictures.

Perfect if you’re all about the message.

Plus, there’s a slick option to snag tickets online, making it ideal for events, conferences, etc.

The footer keeps you connected with social media links; there’s even a blog page to share your latest thoughts.

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How To Make A Minimalist Website With Squarespace

Here’s a simplified tutorial on creating a minimalist website with Squarespace that works:

  • Create a Squarespace account: Visit Squarespace and create an account. Pick a plan that suits you best and take full advantage of the free trial.
  • Choose your template: Browse the above collection of minimalist templates and opt for the one that best meets your needs. (Remember, you can easily tweak it and make it your own.)
  • Customize your design: Use Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor to personalize your template. Focus on minimalistic design principles – go with a limited color palette, streamlined navigation, and ample whitespace. Keep your layout clean and clutter-free to ensure your content stands out.
  • Simplify your content: Pare down your website’s content to the essentials. Craft concise, impactful text and use high-quality images that complement your minimalist aesthetic. Remember, in minimalism, every element should have a purpose and contribute to the overall UX.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure your minimalist website looks great on all devices. Squarespace templates are responsive by default, but always preview your site on mobile and tablet views.
  • Publish and test: Once satisfied with your minimalist Squarespace website, hit publish.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Minimalist Templates

    Can I switch templates if I find one I like better?

    Yes, you can switch templates at any time. Squarespace makes it easy to try out different templates until you find the perfect one for your site.

    Are Squarespace minimalist templates mobile-friendly?

    Yes. All Squarespace templates are designed to be responsive, ensuring your minimalist website looks great on any device.

    Do minimalist templates support eCommerce?

    Yes, many minimalist templates on Squarespace are equipped with eCommerce functionality, allowing you to create a sleek, clean online store.

    Can I customize fonts and colors on a minimalist template?

    Yes. Squarespace provides extensive customization options, including fonts and colors, to help you tailor your minimalist template to your brand.

    How can I optimize my minimalist website for SEO?

    Squarespace offers built-in SEO tools that let you add keywords, customize URLs, and more to help improve your site’s visibility on search engines.

    Is it possible to add a blog to a minimalist Squarespace template?

    Yes, adding a blog to your minimalist website is straightforward with Squarespace. You can either choose a template with built-in blog capabilities or add a blog page to your existing template.

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