21 Best Squarespace Influencer Templates 2024


We’ve scoured the web and found the best Squarespace influencer templates.

Whether you’re into fashion, travel, food, or just about anything else, these templates are designed to showcase your content in style and make your personality shine.

We’ll walk you through each one, highlighting their coolest features and how they can help you connect with your audience better.

You don’t need to be a coding or design wizard to make an epic online presence for your business.

Squarespace makes it so easy – you don’t need any experience or skill; just click, drag, and drop.

Trust me, you’ll love how easily these templates make it look professional while being totally you.

Spice up your influencer game with a slick new Squarespace site.

This post covers:

Best Squarespace Influencer Templates

Take your web presence to the next level with any of these Squarespace templates, perfect for influencers looking to make a lasting impression.

Fun fact: Check out these interesting influencer marketing statistics.

1. Almar

almar squarespace consultant template

Almar is a vibrant Squarespace template with a pleasant atmosphere, although it might seem too much is going on at first glance. It sure is, but with style!

It has a transparent header with a navbar and a CTA button for quick action.

Integrated into the template are also a newsletter subscription form, a complete online appointment booking system, a blog and a compelling About page with testimonials and more.

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2. Quinn


Quinn’s contrast between light grey and red typography is something else. This Squarespace influencer template knows how to capture attention right from the get-go.

Quinn has plenty of white space to ensure all your writer and visual content get the necessary shine it deserves.

Moreover, the header sticks to the top of the screen, so navigation is always within reach.

Another cool thing about Quinn is that the content loads as you scroll, keeping things more exciting.

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3. Tepito


Tepito is a simple Squarespace influencer template but it contains plenty of handy features to make a solid online presence for your services.

First, the header disappears on a down scroll but immediately reappears when you decide to return to the top. Clean but practical.

It has integrated Google Maps if you’d like to showcase your location and a newsletter subscription form to start building an email list.

You can also use Tepito to create an online portfolio with a lightbox gallery to create a better viewing experience.

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4. Amal

amal squarespace minimalist template

Amal sticks to simplicity but knows a thing or two about how detailing can enhance the look.

First, it has a catchy animation in the background that spices things up, along with thin lines that separate sections. (Remember, you can play and pause the background animation.)

Some other goodies are a floating header, accordions for revealing more info without sacrificing space and a ready-to-use contact form.

Deliver all the must-haves and other necessities with Amal distraction-free.

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5. Cole

cole squarespace influencer template

Cole is a Squarespace influencer template that’s basically just the above-the-fold section.

It has a full-screen image background with overlayed text and a contact link. Additionally, the transparent header rocks a logo on the left and social media icons on the right.

While Cole aims at fitness influencers, you can easily and quickly alter it according to your needs.

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6. Ortiz


The Ortiz Squarespace template is super lively. It’s got energetic colors and large images and text that really pop.

The split-screen above-the-fold design features text on the left and an image on the right, ensuring everyone quickly learns more about you.

There’s a neat gallery with a lightbox that makes your photos stand out. Plus, the About and Contact pages are sleek and have a simple form for followers to reach out.

Text slides in as you scroll, promoting collabs – so cool!

And don’t miss the footer; it has a handy subscription widget to keep everyone updated.

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7. Michi

michi squarespace influencer template

The Michi template is all about that modern, chic vibe.

It has a sticky header that stays put while you scroll, a search bar to find what you need quickly and a secondary menu perfect for categorizing your stuff.

Love showing off your Insta pics? There’s an Instagram feed built right in. There are also big image sliders that make your photos pop.

Last but not least, this Squarespace influencer template even has a special Collabs page and a sleek blog section.

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8. Mendell

mendell squarespace influencer template

The Mendell template is perfect for authors and influencers. It has a transparent header and a call-to-action (CTA) in the navigation bar (this can significantly increase conversions).

The hero image is stunning, with an overlaid title, text, and a CTA button. As you scroll, more content loads up smoothly.

There’s a slick product carousel to showcase your stuff – in this case, books (but use it for anything you want).

Additionally, it has About, Blog, and Merch pages, a contact form, and Google Maps for location showcase.

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9. Resonance

resonance squarespace influencer template

Resonance is an awesome Squarespace influencer template that grabs attention instantly.

It starts with an animated hero section that really pops. I love the neat hamburger menu – it keeps things tidy. Plus, there are social media icons and a shopping cart in the header.

Moreover, there’s a floating secondary menu, so you avoid scrolling all the way back to the top to access navigation.

You’ll also dig the video background sections, which add that extra flair.

Finally, the dark footer has quick links, and don’t miss the Instagram feed and subscription form.

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10. Perfectionist


The Perfectionist template is fashionable with a contemporary design that WOWs the visitor.

It rocks a mix of dark, light, and energetic colors, which you might think won’t work, but it does! (Still, feel free to brand and personalize it accordingly.)

There are animated sliding text and CTA buttons, perfect for your podcasts. The footer is packed with goodies: social media links, menu navigation, an Instagram feed, and quick influencer info.

Perfectionist comes with loads of predefined internal pages to help you set up a website quickly and easily.

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11. Stories

stories squarespace influencer template

Stories is a versatile Squarespace influencer template that will create a lasting first impression on all your visitors and fans.

It has a boxed layout but mixes in some full-width sections for a dynamic look. The drop-down menu keeps everything organized, while the unique hero area features images, text, and a CTA button to trigger interest.

There’s a testimonial slider to show off what people are saying about you and a black footer with space for Instagram stories, a subscription form, and links.

You also get a contact page that includes a form and Google Maps, and other handy features for podcasts and online courses.

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12. Identity


The great thing about Identity is that it makes a statement with its original design that’s both bold and lively.

The header and footer are simplistic, with the latter also rocking an Instagram feed for your convenience.

Moreover, Identity has various ready-to-use pages, so the drop-down menu comes in handy, keeping things in order.

And if you have a podcast and offer online (paid and free) courses, that’s great because Identity is ready-made for it.

Don’t forget to check our lists of the best:

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13. Social Motion

social motion squarespace influencer template

The Social Motion Squarespace influencer template is perfect if you love a feminine, minimalistic style.

Its navigation bar includes a drop-down menu and social media icons, making it easy to navigate and connect.

There’s a cool testimonial slider to showcase what others say about you – build trust. Don’t miss the Instagram feed in the footer, which you can use to keep your latest posts in view.

Social Motion includes a special Instagram links page – perfect for those “link in bio” moments to guide your followers exactly where you want them.

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14. Lemongrass


The Lemongrass template is all about modern simplicity with awesome detailing.

This Squarespace design features a cool testimonials slider with star ratings, making your reviews stand out.

There are pre-designed pages ready for your About, Podcast, Services, Blog, and more, which makes building your site much faster. It also has a neat newsletter subscription form to keep your followers updated.

The clean footer has quick links and social icons for easy navigation, so you don’t necessarily need to scroll back to the top to access the menu.

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15. Evergreen

evergreen squarespace influencer template

Evergreen is a Squarespace influencer template that is perfect for creating a long, engaging sales or landing page.

Its light but vibrant design draws you in and keeps you scrolling, wanting more. (You don’t want to lose those visitors due to a boring web design!)

It’s designed with detailed sections presenting your offerings thoroughly and pricing packages to fit every need.

There are even handy accordions for FAQs to help answer common questions without wasting much site space. And that dark, contrasting footer? Stylish!

Also, don’t miss the testimonials section with cool avatars, which you can use to show who’s loving your work.

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16. Hustle&Heart

hustleandheart squarespace influencer template

Hustle&Heart template has a simple, earthy vibe that really makes your content get all the love it deserves.

The hero section grabs attention right away, which is oh-so-necessary in today’s crowded world.

It’s got five main pages: Services, Shop, Portfolio, Blog, and About, so everything is super organized. (Yes, a Contact page is also ready.)

My favorite feature is the single project pages. They are awesome, letting you showcase your social media success with details like audience reach, views, likes, and engagement.

Super cool for showing off your impact!

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17. Electra


The Electra template is perfect for a one-page influencer website with a personalized touch. (Check out more Squarespace one page templates.)

It kicks things off with an impressive hero area, where your text and a CTA button make a bold statement. And right below is the “as seen in” section, which you can alter and use to display logos from brands you’ve worked with.

It’s got pricing packages, a detailed section on your work process, and success stories with their own pages.

Electra also doesn’t miss a testimonials slider and a contact form, plus jump links in the header to take you directly to the info you’re interested in.

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18. Penny

penny squarespace lifestyle template

Penny is a light and lovely Squarespace influencer template with bold dark sections for a bit of drama.

It’s packed with multiple internal pages, so you have plenty of space to show off your work. The portfolio carousel is great for highlighting your best pieces, and video background sections add that extra flair.

Don’t forget to check out the blog and opt-in form to engage with your audience. Plus, the services page includes pricing to keep everything clear and upfront.

Super charming and functional.

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19. Scarlett

scarlett squarespace influencer template

Scarlett is a neat template with a header that magically disappears and reappears as you scroll down or up.

Right from the start, you get animated sliding text that catches the eye above the fold. Moreover, content loading on scroll keeps the page lively and engaging.

The template features a services section to outline what you offer and a testimonials slider to show off feedback from fans.

The parallax scrolling background adds a cool 3D feel, spicing things up nicely. And there’s a subscription widget in the footer to keep everyone in the loop.

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20. Daye

daye squarespace influencer template

Daye has a cool split-screen design at the top – text and a CTA button on the left, with an image on the right.

It rocks a minimalist light design with a consistent white look across the header, base, and footer, except for a few sections.

Daye’s transparent header feels super modern, and the menu links, social and shopping cart icons add to the practicality.

And if you’d like to add more information without cluttering the page, use the handy accordions.

The large portfolio slider showcases your work beautifully, and there’s even an online shop section to sell your merch or favorite pieces (even dropshipping could work).

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21. Rise & Shine

riseandshine squarespace influencer template

Rise & Shine is all about keeping things light and fresh, ready to create a solid online home for your influencer business.

It has a top bar notification for all your special announcements – handy. Meanwhile, the minimalist header with the centered logo keeps things clean and classy.

You’ll love the energetic design vibe and the Instagram feed in the footer to keep your latest posts in view.

The portfolio page has large, single-column project pages to exhibit your work beautifully and in great detail.

Don’t forget, there’s also eCommerce functionality and a compelling About page to tell your story.

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How To Make An Influencer Website With Squarespace

  • Sign up for Squarespace: Head over to Squarespace.com and sign up for an account. Choose the plan that fits your needs best.
  • Choose a template: Browse through the templates and pick one that matches your brand’s style and vibe. They have lots specifically designed for influencers – but the ones above are the absolute best.
  • Customize your template: Click on “Edit” to start customizing your template. You can change things like text, colors, and layouts to make it your own. Drag and drop elements to get the look you want.
  • Add your content: Upload your photos, videos, and write blog posts. Make sure to showcase your best work and share stories that connect with your audience.
  • Set up your domain: Choose a domain name that reflects your brand and connects with your audience. Squarespace makes purchasing and setting up your domain through their platform easy.
  • Publish and promote: Once you’re happy with your site, hit “Publish” to make it live. Share your new website on your social media channels and with your email list to start driving traffic.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Influencer Templates

    What makes a good Squarespace template for influencers?

    A good template should have a clean, visual layout that highlights photos and content, be easy to navigate, and include features like social media integration and blogs to engage with your audience.

    Can I customize my chosen Squarespace template?

    Yes. Squarespace templates are very customizable. You can change colors, fonts, page configurations, and much more without knowing how to code.

    Are Squarespace templates responsive?

    Yes, all Squarespace templates are designed to be fully mobile-ready, meaning they’ll look great and work well on both desktops and mobile devices.

    You can add social media links by going to the “Social Links” section in your site settings or using the Social Links Block to add icons that link to your social media pages.

    Can I sell products on my influencer Squarespace site?

    Yes, Squarespace has strong eCommerce capabilities. You can add an online store to your site and sell products directly to your audience.

    Is it easy to add a blog to my Squarespace influencer site?

    Yes, adding a blog is straightforward. Just add a “Blog Page” from your dashboard, and you can start creating and publishing posts right away!

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