18 Best Squarespace Luxury Templates 2024


Create a chic and sophisticated online presence with these epic Squarespace luxury templates.

Whether you’re all about the glitz and glamour or prefer a minimalist aesthetic that speaks volumes, Squarespace has something for everyone.

I’ve curated a list of the best ones that ooze luxury and are super easy to use. They all ensure your website will be as fabulous as your vision.

Get comfy, and let’s explore these gorgeous templates together.

Trust me, your quest for the perfect luxury template ends here.

This post covers:

Best Squarespace Luxury Templates

Elevate your online presence to the realm of absolute elegance with these templates, ensuring your website stands out in the most stylish way possible.

1. Anise

anise squarespace luxury template

Anise is a gorgeous, minimalist Squarespace template with large image sections that grab instant attention. What’s an awesome detail is the use of the same background color across all layouts, header, base and footer.

The header and footer are basic, with quick links and social media, while the eCommerce section has all the necessary and then some. There’s an image slider on the product page with similar/suggested items at the bottom and a shopping cart and checkout process for your convenience.

Moreover, you also get predefined pages for About, Contact, and Journal. Use the latter to announce product drops and publish other content that will benefit your audience.

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2. Galena

galena squarespace luxury template

Galena is a more vibrant Squarespace luxury template with a catchy color scheme and lovely animations.

The header and footer are simple yet practical, featuring a basic menu, social media, and a shopping cart icon.

Galena also includes newsletter subscription and contact forms, and a special FAQ page with accordions.

As an eCommerce template, you get it all integrated, ensuring smooth online purchases.

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3. Zaatar

zaatar squarespace luxury template

Zaatar hits you with a full-width hero image section with a contrasting top bar and transparent header. It contains a CTA button to an online shop that reacts on hover, making it more clickable.

The home page is nicely divided into multiple sections, which you can use for new product drops, categories, about, a subscription form, and an Instagram feed, to name a few.

Interestingly, the footer has a black background, making it pop with quick links nicely.

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4. Alameda

alameda squarespace luxury template

Alameda is a clean and simple Squarespace template that can work fantastically well for luxury clothing and accessories brands.

All your items with come front and center, thanks to the white and spacious design, with little to no distractions.

Besides the online store section, Alameda also contains a lookbook page with a slider. Feel free to use it to display your beautiful images from a recent photo shoot – or something else.

The choice is yours.

Last but not least, you also don’t need to build a contact and a subscription form from scratch because Alameda has them built-in already.

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5. Altaloma

altaloma squarespace luxury template

Altaloma is another epic Squarespace template that gives a lot of attention to white space, creating a spacious atmosphere right from the get-go.

The content loads on scroll, making browsing more engaging and exciting for what’s coming next.

Each product page rocks a zoom-in image, large title and text and an option to add additional images and information below. Make it informative to increase your sales.

At the bottom is a three-column footer where you can include menu links, Instagram and a newsletter subscription widget (with a discount on the first purchase).

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6. Montclaire

montclaire squarespace luxury template

Montclaire is minimalism at its finest, with cleanness that triggers curiosity immediately. What I really like is the hero area where Montclaire features only text. Turn it into a bold statement, only a few words, to hook your audience.

This luxury Squarespace template features a three-column grid for fine art, but you can easily adjust it for something else.

Another handy element of Montclaire is the floating header, so you have menu links and access to the shopping cart always available.

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7. Tresoire

tresoire squarespace luxury template

Tresoire is something else with its black design, instantly making it appear more luxurious. What’s great is that you can use it for any type of product because it’s highly adaptable, thanks to its simplistic (yet impactful) design.

Tresoire contains plenty of predefined internal pages, saving you time and effort. From Lookbook and About to Shop and Contact, it’s all ready-made.

Make a statement with Tresoire and start strong in the online world.

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8. Camdez

camdez squarespace luxury template

Camdez is the epitome of elegance on Squarespace. This template features clean, airy designs that let your content breathe.

The header and footer are simple, ensuring your content always takes center stage.

What stands out are its large image sections, which showcase your work or products in full glory. Plus, there’s this chic dark section for your newsletter and Instagram feed, adding a sleek contrast.

With dedicated Shop, About, and Contact pages alongside a handy shopping cart, Camdez is luxe, streamlined, and just perfect.

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9. Selene

selene squarespace luxury template

Selene is a dream for luxury interior designers on Squarespace.

It makes content gracefully appear as you scroll, surrounded by plenty of white space for that upscale look. It masterfully balances images and text, making your projects pop.

Moreover, the testimonial slider is a neat touch for showcasing rave reviews. And that footer, dark and bold, anchors your site beautifully.

Another great detail is the image gallery with the lightbox feature, which allows your work to shine in full detail.

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10. Barbosa

barbosa squarespace luxury template

Barbosa is the go-to Squarespace template for luxury and boutique hotels.

The header, base, and footer all share the same elegant background color, creating a cohesive, upscale look. Very refined, if you will.

The navigation bar has a sleek CTA button, making booking a breeze. Once you get to the bookings, a popup form opens, where you fill out your query.

Need to highlight your hotel’s amenities, story, or contact info? Barbosa has specific internal pages for that.

Plus, the contact page includes Google Maps, guiding guests straight to your doorstep.

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11. Auburn

auburn squarespace luxury template

Are you running a luxury food business? Present it online like a champ with Auburn. It’s a Squarespace restaurant template with a full-screen above-the-fold section that makes mouths water in an instant.

Auburn makes browsing and site-investigating easier with a header that disappears on a down scroll but reappears when you start scrolling back to the top. Thus, menu links and social media icons are always within reach.

The overall design is clean, ensuring your dishes, menu, and other content come front and center. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy the integrated online reservation system powered by Tock.

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12. Iduma

iduma squarespace luxury template

Iduma stands out with its stunning black-and-white theme, giving off a modern yet timeless vibe.

The header is slick: your logo goes on the left, a neat menu in the center, and a reservation button on the right for easy booking.

And the footer is just as handy, featuring quick links and essential business details, like open hours.

Love simplicity? The menu page is clean and inviting. Plus, the gallery page includes a slider, making it easy to browse through visuals.

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13. Rosée

rosee squarespace luxury template

Rosée is a breath of luxury with its full-screen hero area, where the header, text, and a compelling CTA button elegantly overlay your captivating image.

The footer is a dark, contrasting masterpiece that smartly organizes info across multiple columns, including about, quick links, and more.

It’s Instagram-ready, showcasing your feed in style. Plus, with dedicated Services, About, Work, Shop, and Blog pages, Rosée wraps sophistication and functionality into one stunning Squarespace template.

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14. Trove

trove squarespace luxury template

Trove is a gem for those wanting to dazzle online. It greets visitors with a top bar notification for announcements or deals. Above the fold is a slider showcasing your highlights, creating a strong first impression.

The best sellers section and a carousel for product categories make browsing and discovering easy.

With its parallax background, the depth adds to the intrigue – a cool detail that works wonders. Moreover, check out the reviews slider – where you can display customer love and build trust.

Finally, the footer is spacious, packing menu links, a subscription widget, and it’s Instagram-ready.

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15. Revival

revival squarespace luxury template

Revival nails it when it comes to bringing luxury to life online.

Right at the start, the above-the-fold section hits you with animation, sparking interest immediately.

The header is a goldmine, with quick links, social icons, and a booking button at your fingertips.

As you scroll, content loads smoothly, making every visit dynamic.

Do you love hearing from happy clients? The testimonial slider has you covered. And the project pages? They’re stunning, with a lightbox gallery and neat accordions

You also get dedicated Shop and Team pages, so sorting out your online presence is way easier than you think.

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16. Nite

nite squarespace luxury template

Nite is the dark horse of Squarespace luxury templates, literally. It boasts a sleek, dark design that makes every color pop – or make it dark and white.

The transparent header adds a touch of elegance, while CTAs reveal their full glory on hover, drawing attention.

In addition, the large slider section is perfect for showcasing products or news.

The footer is ultra-practical, with links, an Instagram feed, social media icons, and a subscription widget. Also, the contact page includes a handy form and Google Maps.

Nite is sophistication with an edge.

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17. Bijoux

bijoux squarespace luxury template

Bijoux shines with its animated image background above the fold, instantly captivating.

The header sticks, effortlessly leading your eyes to the hip detailing – thin lines gracefully break up sections and menu links, blending dark and light sections for a dynamic feel.

Text slides in the footer, adding a playful touch besides the quick links and other handiness. And don’t miss the reviews section, where praise from clients sparkles.

With multiple internal pages and a subscription widget, Bijoux combines luxury and functionality into an unforgettable online experience.

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18. Luchia

luchia squarespace luxury template

Luchia is all about refined interaction with its split-screen design: an image on one side, text and a “shop now” link on the other, all above the fold.

The sticky header keeps navigation at your fingertips, complete with a sleek drop-down menu.

Every scroll reveals content, while thin lines artfully divide sections, adding to the template’s elegance.

Need to add more info but don’t want to sacrifice website space? Accordions expand with a click while keeping things clean and minimalist.

Worth mentioning is the search function. It isn’t just handy – it’s a design feature, opening a popup with quick links and a search bar.

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How To Make A Luxury Website With Squarespace

  • Choose a template: Explore Squarespace‘s extensive library of templates. Focus on the tested and proven ones from the above collection. Remember, the right template sets the tone for your entire website.
  • Customize: You can style the default template however you want. Adjust the fonts, colors, and page layouts to match your brand’s luxury aesthetic. Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to tailor your site to your preferences.
  • Showcase high-quality images: Luxury websites thrive on stunning visuals. Upload high-resolution images of your products or services.
  • Incorporate elegant copy: The text on your site should match the luxury theme. Write concise, compelling copy that communicates the exclusivity and value of what you’re offering.
  • Add exclusive features: Elevate your site by integrating features like online service booking, an online store for premium products, or private customer portals. These elements enhance user experience and underscore your brand’s exclusivity.
  • Preview and test: Before going live, preview your website on different devices so it looks perfect everywhere. Check loading times, navigation ease, and the overall user experience to guarantee your luxury site feels as premium as it looks.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Luxury Templates

    Are Squarespace luxury templates mobile-friendly?

    Yes, all Squarespace templates are designed to be fully responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to look great on desktop and mobile devices.

    Can I customize a luxury template to fit my brand?

    Yes. Squarespace templates are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust colors, fonts, page configurations, and more to align with your brand’s aesthetic and needs.

    Do luxury templates support eCommerce functionality?

    Yes, many Squarespace templates, including luxury designs, are equipped with eCommerce capabilities, enabling you to sell products or services directly from your website.

    How do I choose the right luxury template for my website?

    Consider your website’s primary goal, your brand’s style, and your preferred user experience. Squarespace offers a variety of templates with different focuses and designs, so preview a few to see which one resonates with your vision.

    Is it possible to switch to a different template later?

    Yes, Squarespace makes it easy to switch your site’s template at any time. However, it’s worth noting that you may need to reconfigure some elements to ensure they fit well with the new template.

    Are there any additional costs when using a luxury template?

    No, all Squarespace templates come included with your subscription. There are no extra charges for using any specific template, regardless of its classification as “luxury.” However, some functionalities, like eCommerce, may require a higher-tier plan.

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