17 Best Squarespace Restaurant Templates 2024


These epic Squarespace restaurant templates are perfect for taking your food business to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or running a franchise; a solid online presence is necessary.

And making it happen with Squarespace couldn’t be any simpler.

From sleek and modern designs to cozy and intimate vibes, there’s something here for every taste.

Not only that, but all the templates are fully editable for you to personalize and brand them accordingly.

Plus, you need not coding or design skills for a pro-level outcome. It’s totally doable for everyone!

Your perfect digital match awaits – just a few scrolls away.

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Best Squarespace Restaurant Templates

Action time!

Here are the top Squarespace templates that promise to whet your appetite for design and functionality.

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1. Vance

vance squarespace restaurant template

Vance is the go-to Squarespace template for restaurants that want to make a statement.

Right off the bat, it wows with a hero section, neatly overlaying essential links for easy navigation. In addition, the clean header is a breeze, hosting your menu and social icons seamlessly.

Need a table? The reservation CTA links you directly to booking online. Plus, a directions button connects to Google Maps – no more getting lost.

Last but not least, your fans can sign up for updates through the sleek newsletter form and enjoy the minimalist footer.

Vance is a perfect blend of style and functionality for restaurant websites.

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2. Auburn

auburn squarespace restaurant template

Auburn’s Squarespace template is a dream for restaurants aiming for elegance.

Its full-screen image background grabs attention instantly, setting a vibrant stage. The transparent header smartly solidifies on the scroll but magically vanishes and reappears, keeping focus on the content.

Its dark footer, structured in multiple columns, contrasts beautifully, ensuring high practicality.

The clean menu page is all about simplicity, while the integrated table reservation form screams convenience.

And don’t miss the news/blog section – perfect for sharing your culinary adventures and updates.

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3. Juniper

juniper squarespace restaurant template

Juniper is Squarespace’s answer for restaurants that love to let their visuals do the talking.

The template has a stunning full-screen image that greets you, while a transparent header elegantly frames the top.

The homepage is simplistic, effortlessly leading you to the essentials. Scroll down, and a clean, three-column footer awaits, offering everything from contact info to social icons and crucial opening hours, plus a handy reservation link.

But the real showstopper? A gorgeous masonry grid gallery that’ll make your dishes look too good to eat.

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4. Belisa

belisa squarespace restaurant template

Belisa stands out with its one-page layout, which makes navigation a breeze. Its floating header houses links to Google Maps for easy location finding and direct email contact for quick queries.

The full-width design is nothing short of impressive, offering an immersive experience.

Need specifics on the go? Accordion sections reveal location details and opening hours at a click. Of course, you can also use them for something else.

Also, there’s an online reservation form and an Instagram feed to keep the vibe fresh and engaging.

Note: Check these great Squarespace one page websites if a single site layout appeals to you.

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5. Eldridge

eldridge squarespace restaurant template

Eldridge makes a statement right from the start, thanks to its captivating background image banner topped with a sleek, transparent header.

Its design balances white space, letting text and visuals breathe and capture attention. And you’ve got a spot for glowing testimonials, a must-have to showcase customer love.

There’s also a handy newsletter widget, detailed menu, engaging story and gallery pages, plus a contact section complete with Google Maps and a form.

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6. Atlantic

atlantic squarespace restaurant template

Atlantic is a Squarespace restaurant template with a clean and modern design.

A massive image slideshow decorates the home page alongside a neatly organized food and drinks menu.

The header sticks to the top of the screen with menu links and social links always within reach, no matter where you scroll.

A dark footer adds a sophisticated touch, while online table reservations are just a click away, blending convenience with style.

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7. Chotto

chotto squarespace restaurant template

Chotto is minimalist, perfect for spotlighting your restaurant’s essence. It’s pure and simple with white backgrounds from header to footer.

The clever header gracefully vanishes on a downward scroll and reappears as you look back up, ensuring seamless navigation.

Location and opening hours take pride of place, ensuring guests have the essentials upfront.

Last but not least, the cool chef page features a slider, offering a dynamic glimpse into the culinary minds behind the magic.

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8. Tantillo

tantillo squarespace restaurant template

Tantillo is a Squarespace template where bold meets beauty. Its design isn’t shy, flaunting big, vibrant colors and large typography that catches the eye.

The menu and reservation pages are clear and accessible, so guests easily find what they need. On the other hand, the footer is a powerhouse, sprawling across multiple columns to fit every tidbit of your restaurant’s must-know information.

And for an extra dash of fun? Cool wavy animations spice up the browsing experience, making every visit to your site a delightful adventure.

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9. Palmer

palmer squarespace restaurant template

Palmer is an elegant and trendy template to showcase your food business online like a professional.

I like the light and dark contrast accompanying you when you scroll, making the experience much more engaging.

Palmer also has large sections for the menu, images, testimonials/reviews and additional business details and Google Maps.

Online reservations are easy through a simple form powered by Tock.

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10. Iduma

iduma squarespace restaurant template

Iduma’s home page might not have much on the home page, but its content creates a strong and lasting first impression. And that’s precisely what you want to achieve with your restaurant site.

The light header and dark footer work in harmony, while the base contains all the essentials for the ultimate experience. Images, texts, and links for the menu and contact are right at your fingertips.

If you need a template that goes slightly against the grain, keeping things tidy, Iduma will do you well.

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11. Hill

hill squarespace restaurant template

Hill stands out with its fearless use of bold typography and large imagery, making every visit to your restaurant’s site a visual feast.

It plays with contrast beautifully, featuring dark and light buttons that pop against a unified background color, guiding visitors with style and ease.

Dive into well-crafted menu and story pages that tell the tale of your culinary journey. And when your guests are ready to connect, a sleek contact form awaits, blending functionality with the template’s striking aesthetics.

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12. Hemlock

hemlock squarespace restaurant template

Hemlock gives it a catchy vibe with reddish typography and an oval image, not following the classic structure.

With the same background color for all sections, Hemlock cleverly separates the footer with a thin line.

While the footer has multiple columns for location, contact and opening hours, the header features a menu link on the left and a reservation button on the right, keeping it neat.

The menu page has a handy categorization for food and drinks without needing to take up a ton of website space.

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13. Pine

pine squarespace restaurant template

Pine Squarespace template is like a breath of fresh air for your restaurant’s online presence.

It has a basic two-link menu that keeps things neat and big, bold text that’s easy on the eyes. Imagery scattered seemingly at random creates an engaging, dynamic feel.

The sliding opening hours animation adds a playful touch to guarantee visitors cannot miss it.

The four-column footer is practical yet stylish, organizing business hours, location, sitemap, and social media links.

And when it’s time to book, the online reservation is streamlined into a simple, no-fuss form.

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14. Troutman

troutman squarespace restaurant template

Troutman keeps things very simple and to the point – and sometimes, that’s precisely what you want for your restaurant’s online presence.

If you don’t feel like adding a lot of content to your website, use Troutman to display your opening, business location, and menu smartly and collect online reservations.

The darkish design gives it an edge, but you can also incorporate background images to enhance the atmosphere.

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15. Harvest

harvest squarespace restaurant template

Harvest is a Squarespace template that captures the essence of your restaurant with a stunning full-screen hero image, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The transparent header houses social icons and a handy table reservation button, ensuring essentials are just a click away. Unique to Harvest, navigation clings to the left side, mirroring the sticky header for a cohesive feel.

As you scroll, content elegantly loads, keeping engagement high. And contrast is key, with dark and light CTA buttons making calls to action irresistible.

If you need something that doesn’t look too traditional, opt for Harvest.

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16. Plate

plate squarespace restaurant template

Plate brings refined elegance to Squarespace templates. Its thin lines gracefully frame site sections and buttons, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The floating header features a minimalist hamburger menu icon, which reveals a full-screen navigation overlay, ensuring a smooth and uncluttered UX.

Engaging sliding text animations capture attention while accordions neatly host extra information.

In the footer, social icons sit ready for connection, and an “order online” button is prominently placed, simplifying the path from browsing to dining.

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17. Peel

peel squarespace restaurant template

Peel pops with its light, orangey design that instantly warms up your screen, perfectly complemented by nicely contrasting text and CTAs for easy reading and action.

The floating header adds to its sleek, modern vibe, while an animated scroll-down button on the right side, just above the fold, gently nudges visitors to explore more.

It’s all about the connection here, with a newsletter subscription form invitingly placed and a dark, multi-column footer that doubles down on links and another chance to subscribe.

The contact page keeps it simple: social links, message details, and a phone number, skipping the form for direct contact.

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How To Make A Restaurant Website With Squarespace

Creating a stunning restaurant website with Squarespace is easier than you think.

Yes, really!

  • Sign up and choose your plan: Head to Squarespace.com and create an account. Choose the plan that best suits your business needs; you can always start with the free trial to get a feel for things first.
  • Select a template: Browse through Squarespace’s collection of restaurant-specific templates above. Look for a design that appeals to you visually and offers the necessary features.
  • Customize your site: Once you’ve chosen your template, start customizing it. Add your restaurant’s logo, update the navigation to include your menu, about page, and contact information. Use the drag-and-drop editor to place content blocks, such as text, images, and menus, exactly where you want them.
  • Add essential details: Include important information like your restaurant’s location, hours of operation, and contact details. Use Squarespace’s built-in features to set up an online reservation system or integrate with 3rd-party services.
  • Preview and publish: Preview your site to ensure it looks great and functions well on desktop and mobile. Then hit the publish button to make your restaurant website go live online.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Restaurant Templates

    Can I integrate a reservation system into a Squarespace restaurant template?

    Yes, you can integrate a reservation system directly into your Squarespace website using their built-in OpenTable block or by embedding other reservation services using Code Blocks.

    Are Squarespace restaurant templates mobile-friendly?

    Yes. All Squarespace templates are designed to be fully responsive, meaning your restaurant website will look great and function well on devices of all sizes, from smartphones to desktops.

    Can I sell gift cards or merchandise on my Squarespace restaurant website?

    Yes, you can sell gift cards, merchandise, and even food items directly through your Squarespace website by setting up an online store using their eCommerce capabilities.

    You can edit text blocks or pages where your menu is listed directly through the Squarespace editor, allowing for quick updates anytime your menu changes.

    Can I use my own domain name with a Squarespace restaurant website?

    Yes, you can use your own domain name with your Squarespace website. If you don’t have one, Squarespace offers a free domain for the first year with their annual plans.

    Can I add a blog to my restaurant website on Squarespace?

    Yes, adding a blog to your restaurant website on Squarespace is straightforward. You can use the blog to share updates, events, recipes, and stories about your restaurant, enhancing your connection with customers.

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