16 Best Church Website Builders 2023


Selecting from the best church website builders can spread God’s Word to a broader audience.

You can now do it easily, without any technical or design background. You are getting only the most sophisticated, simple-to-use, and advanced site editors available—no need to look elsewhere if you are after making a church website.

How is that even possible?

Regardless of which church website builder you choose, you do no need to change a single line of code. In other words, you do not need to be a designer to create a professional-looking, mobile-ready, and attention-grabbing website for your church, ministry, non-profit organization, or fundraiser.

Once you enter the members’ area, all of a sudden, everything becomes easy as pie. You will have a fresh church website ready for the big launch quickly and with as little effort as possible. It will feel natural and comfortable, like you are doing it for the tenth time.

Some church website builders here are all-in-one platforms, while the others are niche-specific. Either way, you will make the right choice by choosing any of the builders listed here! It all comes down to your personal preferences.

Best Website Builders for Churches

1. Wix

wix - best website builder for church

Wix has everything in store for you to use as your go-to church website builder. It is a powerful service that you can utilize right off the bat. As soon as you become Wix’s user, you will immediately understand its simplicity. Moreover, you can choose a ready-to-use layout and do most of the work. Of course, you can always feel free to customize and improve your web design and make it follow your regulations precisely. You will have a lot of fun on the journey to realizing your ideal website for your local church.

There are three main characteristics that Wix prides itself on: ADI, Editor, and Code. ADI means artificial design intelligence, which does the hard work instead of you. You only need to complete a few simple questions and deliver the best-fitting design straight to you. As far as Editor goes, it gives you more freedom, turning you into a coder without the need to code. Lastly, Code is for advanced users with a technical background.

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2. Mission

mission church website builder

An effective missionary truly inspires many people, but it is more efficient to spread the word online. After all, we hang on the web often, especially through our mobile devices. Even on church pages, they sure need to be fully flexible! Mission is a church website builder who has spent countless hours developing the perfect web design for ministries. This amount of effort entails they are dedicated and serious with their mission. All Mission websites are designed to be fully responsive to work stunning on all mobile and desktop devices. In addition, cross-browser compatibility is also included.

Mission’s great features include a drag and drop tool, media integration, online forms, and church management software. Use your domain, connect your page with Google Analytics and optimize it for search engines. All three plans also include a 30-day free trial, just in case.

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3. uKit

ukit church website builder

Nothing should hold you back when you start using uKit. It is a multi-functional drag and drop page builder which you have all the rights to use for your new church page. After all, it is safe to call uKit a church website builder. It is a highly adaptive and simple-to-use software with loads of features and assets that will do you well. Now is your chance to extend your reach and keep all your loyal followers updated with your church’s activities. Even if they missed your recent event and would like to listen to a particular sermon again, they can now do it by visiting your page.

Although you are not required to have any prior experience, with uKit, you will still appear professionally on the web. Moreover, you can go the extra step with search engine optimization and track your website’s performance by connecting it with Google Analytics. But first, give it a shot for 14 days for free and see what’s possible.

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4. Jimdo

jimdo church website builder

Everyone has a few minutes to spare, all it takes to establish a website with Jimdo. This website builder is a great alternative that offers its unique perks that will do the trick. First and foremost, there is no need for you to have any coding and design knowledge. With Jimdo, everyone becomes a pro regardless of how many pages they built prior. Heck, even if this will be your very first one!

The design of your page will be very modern and appealing to the eye. Also, the outcome will operate on handheld and desktop devices like a dream, just like it will on modern web browsers. With an option to start entirely free of charge, you can further investigate the power of Jimdo and enjoy all the greatness that awaits you.

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5. Squarespace

squarespace church website builder

Squarespace is a service with multiple solutions for all ideas and goals. Using it as a church website builder is also very possible. Not only does it come with a ton of stunning, optimized, and cutting-edge templates, each is also fully adaptable for you to use exactly how you want. Meaning, adjust and editing it with your content and creativity and making it your own. As complicated as all this might sound, it does not come close. But, hopefully, you already got the gist of it, how simple-to-use these builders are.

Squarespace also has marketing tools to put you on top and striking features and assets for building church websites. And if you need any additional help, contact their trustworthy support team, who will gladly assist you.

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6. Ministry Designs Church Website Builder

ministry designs church website builder

From templates to features, Ministry Designs’ performance is the very definition of divine. This church website builder’s “Ready, Set, Go!” platform allows you to build a website as easy as 1, 2, 3. Do not bother learning how to code, as their simple drag-and-drop function makes it convenient. You will never need to see any code, thus, you will never need to change it manually. It is all executed with the effortless dragging and dropping feature you can complete with the comfort of your mouse or trackpad.

Ministry Designs has unlimited storage for your files, so the church’s sermons via audio integration let you to chronicle past homilies for lasting storage and retrieval. You do not see parallax scrolling very often in other builders; fortunately, Ministry Designs has is integrated. Ministry Designs motivates you to manage monthly offerings and track periodic incomes by encouraging the power of sharing. Do things with professionalism and style in mind using Ministry Designs.

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7. Ning

ning church website builder

An effective and efficient ministry defies boundaries. Reaching out has never been this easy, thanks to the internet. Maximize this advantage by partnering with a church website builder that is passionate enough to help. Ning removes the challenge of creating visually appealing and spectacularly functional ministry websites. Simple yet operative, and powerful are characteristics this builder strongly possesses. Choose from professionally made themes, couple them with custom HTML pages, implement your personal touch and create a more detailed look.

Never worry about being bound by certain limitations; you can and will take full control over your website. Within minutes, you can have your active page up and running. From then on, managing and maintaining your church or ministry page will be a piece of cake. Benefit from the 14-day free trial and go from there. You will never want to turn back once you witness the magic of Ning.

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8. Church123

church123 website builder

Ecclesiastic devotion is a trait we highly adore. With Church123, such dedication is further extended. This church website builder makes it easy for you to start with your website immediately, in just three steps, hence the name. The first step is pretty much straightforward. You only need to pick one from many of their ready-to-use themes. Never worry, as these designs follow all the latest technologies and web regulations. They will surely fit your website and acclimatize to your church.

Step two is more on-page customization and adjusting your ideas and content. Bear in mind that the sky is the limit with this one! Pick from various layout types, and create as many pages as possible. There are also such integrated contact forms included in the bundle. The third and last step is about adding your content. This step has an online editor which allows graceful editing of your church web pages, analogous to word processor.

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9. Nucleus Church Website Builder

nucleus church website builder

An organism needs a firm foundation from its building blocks to be alive. The term “nucleus” is a core part of our composition, and this is what the Nucleus church website builder represents when creating ministry sites. Chaos disrupts the natural order of things and applies to all aspects of existence. This page editor prevents such things from happening on your website by utilizing an all-in-one central hub for your church. With a page you are about to hammer out with Nucleus, you will have it all under control from one location.

Your followers will always be able to have access to your site, whether from a handheld or desktop device. They can sign up for special events and never miss the exclusive activity you host. On top of that, if they ever need to listen to sermons, they can do that 24/7. There are numerous tools included in the Nucleus for your convenience.

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10. Finalweb

finalweb church website builder

Presenting Finalweb, a church website builder for all your needs. With designs made for easy customization, you do not have to be a computer genius or a programmer to make a website anymore. Thanks to page building services, it is all very straightforward and convenient for users of all experience levels. Even for complete beginners, you can still reach superb results with Finalweb and stand out. Spread the faith immediately by making your majestic church website in no more than five minutes.

Manage your page with unlimited updates, swappable themes, and adaptable media integration. Turn your sermons into podcasts so people can replay and deeply understand your message. The comprehensive calendar system enables your parishioners to update your church events. Finalweb also comes in a mobile version to serve modern mobile online users. The browsing experience is guaranteed to be fulfilling.

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11. Sharefaith

sharefaith church website builder

Be part of over 8,000 ministries faithful and devoted to Sharefaith. This church website builder has a clean, minimalistic and modern approach, making for effortless personalization. The Sharefaith editor has proven to be effective with its amazing features. Thanks to the drag and drop method, you do not need any previous coding and design knowledge. It all comes very straightforward, as well as quick. Media integration, online sharing or tithing, podcasting, graphics, event calendar and blogs, and a lot more assets come part of Sharefaith.

There is no question why the Worship Leader Magazine acknowledged Sharefaith with the Best of the Best Award for nine years straight. Regardless of your ministry type, this builder has a template to match. You will adore its adaptability to create whatever you visualize. The features of Sharefaith are continually evolving, so expect more to come shortly.

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12. Webstarts Website Builder

webstarts church website builder

With a general and versatile page builder like Webstarts, you are assured to do any type of site you like. Even when it comes to church pages, you can do them, too. You will even find multiple gorgeous, clean and refined layouts carefully assembled for any religious website. Check those out first and be amazed that your page looks similar, but likely even better. After all, you can customize the template of choice and take your internet presence to the next level by implementing your church style.

While Webstarts is free software, it will only require you to undergo just three simple steps to complete website establishment. As mentioned earlier, you pick a layout and modify it to your requirements, select a custom domain, and you can already start attracting the online audience. And you do not even need to worry about web hosting since it comes as part of the plan. It truly is as simple as it sounds.

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13. Webnode

webnode church website builder

Due to its high accommodation, Webnode can become a church website builder without struggle. Using the tool for your ministry, nonprofit organization or charity, you will find a breeze. It even includes several ready-to-use templates you can utilize however you see fit best. There are two options; either employ them out of the box or customize them to your church’s needs and regulations. In both cases, you are guaranteed a neat and cracking outcome that will cater seamlessly to your audience. Besides, there is also no worry about you messing things up. Regardless of your coding experience, Webnode is so simple that everyone can simultaneously become a programmer and designer.

Spread the name out with Webnode. The builder promises the web design of your dreams in just five minutes. You can also register a new domain with Webnode, host your page with them, and benefit from advanced search engine optimization practices.

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14. IM Creator

im creator church website builder

You know you are in for a treat with a name like that. First and foremost, IM Creator makes you a creator yourself, even if you have zero experience designing and developing pages. This tool is packed with features, components, and effortlessness, which you will enjoy. With all this said, you can easily use IM Creator as your number-one church website builder and make a difference. For your information, IM Creator is free software that you can later upgrade with a yearly premium plan to take things to the next level.

With IM Creator’s page builder, you can craft a mobile-ready church or ministry page, which you can update using the XPRS app. You can also implement a blog, formulate outstanding galleries, and modify the look to fit your taste. As IM Creator scales with you, there are no limitations regarding how many pages you want to build.

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15. Faithlife Website Builder

faithlife church website builder

Build a church website like a professional with Faithlife. No need to create a page from scratch anymore; Faithlife guarantees that you will have a real masterpiece complete and fully functional in little to no time.

The features of Faithlife are numerous. First and foremost, you can share access to the website with all your church staff and volunteers. Prior experience is not required, meaning users of all levels can benefit from Faithlife. Together, you can create a stunning church website without hassle. Other goodies include online giving, event calendar, live streams, sermons, email newsletters, and file storage. Simply put, Faithlife is an easy decision.

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16. Webflow Website Builder

webflow church website builder

Although it is a church website builder, Webflow is still a service for those looking for something different, just like all the rest in this list. You get a blank canvas and all the power to create the exact web space you need. Of course, there are also pre-designed components that you can employ for faster site realization.

What is interesting about Webflow is you build visually. That means you do not need to do any dull programming work to get a sophisticated, professional, and outstanding page completed in a very short space of time. Of course, you can later export the clean and organized code if you need it for other projects.

Overall, Webflow is a spectacular website building platform that is super newbie-friendly. It practices all the latest web and tech trends to ensure your pages perform at the highest degree and stand the test of time.

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