15 Best Squarespace Fashion Templates 2024


In this article, we will dive into Squarespace fashion templates, where creativity meets functionality in the most fabulous way possible.

Whether you’re searching for something simple, minimalist, bold, or vibrant, we have something for every style.

To top it all off, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion blogger, an aspiring designer, or want to sell clothes and accessories online; here’s a template that will get you going in no time.

Another point is that you don’t need experience creating a professional and successful fashion site with Squarespace.

Everyone can do it with Squarespace’s ease and convenience.

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level?

This post covers:

Best Squarespace Fashion Templates

The top Squarespace templates blend stunning visuals with effortless functionality, ideal for showcasing your unique style to the global masses.

Need inspiration? Then check these fantastic fashion website designs.

1. Anise

anise squarespace fashion template

Anise has a smooth, elegant and luxurious design with the same background color that spreads across the header, base and footer.

The content appears while you scroll, creating a more “I-want-to-see-what’s-coming-next” effect.

Moreover, Anise has a cool little slider to navigate through the items, a newsletter subscription form, and a predefined section for an Instagram feed.

The shop page features a secondary menu for categories, while product pages are minimalist, with a slider gallery and related items at the bottom.

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2. Reseda


Reseda is a Squarespace template ideal for a fashion photographer. In other words, if you want to create a striking online portfolio, Reseda has all the essentials covered.

The clean header floats, ensuring the menu links are always within reach – very convenient if you will.

But my favorite element of the Reseda template is the large, dark footer that makes the usually boring bottom part of the site very notable.

What’s also worth mentioning is the unique gallery grid with lightbox functions for a more immersive and personal experience with each image.

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3. Galena

galena squarespace luxury template

Galena is vibrant and lively right from the get-go. This Squarespace fashion template doesn’t hold itself back from making a strong and lasting first impression. However, it maintains a minimalist vibe throughout.

You get cool elements, animated text, a subscription widget, a functional contact form, and a FAQs page with accordions (plus a bunch more!).

Of course, the whole online shopping with a shopping cart and neat checkout are also available out-of-the-box.

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4. Zaatar

zaatar squarespace luxury template

Zaatar is a Squarespace template that starts with a stunning hero background image that really pops.

The header is slick and transparent, with a handy shopping cart icon in the navigation bar. What’s more, the overlayed CTA button solidifies on hover, making it more clickable.

Also, there’s this neat sliding text animation, too, infusing the template with life.

It has a large section for newsletter sign-ups and a stylish black footer with quick links for social media and a menu.

The essential pages, such as Shop, About, Journal, and Contact, are all there, ready for you to put into play.

Zaatar saves you heaps of time while ensuring you build a pro-level fashion eCommerce site fast.

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5. Alameda

alameda squarespace fashion template

Alameda’s home page has a minimalist design and an impactful four-column product grid layout. In addition to the main navigation, you’ll find a secondary menu to browse through product categories.

The footer sticks to simplicity with social media icons and a newsletter subscription form – that’s it.

Besides the online shop section, Alameda includes a lookbook page with a slider, which you can use to display products from fashion shoots, etc.

Create a compelling About page and let everyone get in touch easily through a practical Contact page.

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6. Skyloop

skyloop squarespace fashion template

Skyloop has a super cool full-width layout and a transparent header that keeps things clean. The navbar contains social media and shopping cart icons, plus a login link.

It features large background images that make a statement. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the About page with catchy details.

The shop pages are really handy with sidebar navigation. Meanwhile, the Contact page includes clickable emails, though it skips the contact form.

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7. Tresoire

tresoire squarespace luxury template

Tresoire is a spectacular Squarespace fashion template with a bold, dark design that instantly triggers interest. But the shop section is light, making it more dynamic.

The home page is cleverly executed like a lookbook, so everyone can see your latest products without exploring the website. However, the home page will make everyone want to see more, entering Shop, About and other internal sections.

The Instagram link in the navigation bar opens IG in a new tab while the shopping cart icon keeps it convenient.

Go against the grain with a black fashion website and make a difference.

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8. Seen

seen squarespace fashion template

Seen has a large clickable image above-the-fold that leads straight to the online shop section. No overlayed text makes it cleaner, but the sliding text below sparks curiosity.

The header and footer keep it simple with the essential links, with the addition of a subscription form in the footer.

Seen’s product pages are very insightful, with an image gallery and floating product details, plus a “see more” section below. Provide as many details and visual content as possible to ensure easy online shopping.

Seen is perfect if you’re into simplicity with a touch of creativity.

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9. Mérida

merida squarespace fashion template

Take a peek at the Mérida Squarespace fashion template. It’s all about that chic dark design with a full-width image section up top and a contrasting light footer.

The header floats as you scroll, making navigation through the site much handier. Right below, you’ll spot the featured posts – perfect for catching your eye immediately.

What’s more, as you scroll, the content loads dynamically, keeping things smooth and engaging.

Ideal for fashion bloggers, it also includes About and Contact pages to round everything off.

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10. Mariana


Mariana template has this super cool single-page feel on the homepage, keeping it tidy and simple.

The only other pages are dedicated to product details, the shopping cart, and checkout – super streamlined.

It features a transparent floating header that adds to its minimalist vibe. There’s a neat photo grid with a lightbox effect for showcasing stuff, plus a handy newsletter subscription widget.

The footer? Just a simple line: “Made with Squarespace.”

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11. Scandi

scandi squarespace fashion template

Scandi, hence the name, is inspired by the Scandinavian simplicity, which works every time for a fashion site. Why? Minimalism ensures that the necessary content and items come front and center.

And Scandi does this very well!

The header disappears on a down scroll and reappears when you return to the top, ensuring navigation is always within reach. Also, the menu has a drop-down and highlights links on hover.

The content loads on scroll, mixed with images, text, white space and animations to enhance the experience.

Another fantastic element is the parallax scrolling, adding depth to the site’s atmosphere.

If elegance is what you’re after, opt for Scandi.

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12. Method

method squarespace fashion template

Have you seen the Method Squarespace template yet? It’s the essence of minimalist and trendy.

This is another template where the header disappears and reappears as you scroll – very convenient.

It’s got all the pages you need – About, Services, Portfolio, Blog, and Shop. What’s very enjoyable are the portfolio project pages, which are laid out in a large single column, perfect for making your fashion photos stand out.

Last but not least, this cool dark section really pops, showcasing a carousel of favorite products.

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13. Daye

daye squarespace fashion template

Daye has a minimalist header and a cool split-screen design at the top – text and a CTA button on one side and a stunning image on the other.

It uses accordions to neatly pack in more details without clutter, and there’s also a big slider featuring boxes for text and CTA buttons.

Furthermore, the product carousel is awesome for browsing items, and the contact page includes a handy form and Google Maps.

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14. Luchia

luchia squarespace fashion template

Luchia is elegant, with thin lines that beautifully frame and separate each section. It creates great detailing that you don’t see every day.

The header floats as you scroll, and there’s a handy drop-down menu for easy navigation.

The template has plenty of white space, giving it a clean, airy feel, so all the necessary stand out more.

You also get two styles for journals and portfolios, plus a dedicated sales page with embedded videos, testimonials, and an FAQ section to boost engagement.

Luchia is sophisticated and sharp – perfect for a refined look.

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15. Bijoux

bijoux squarespace luxury template

Bijoux kicks it off with a huge autoplay slideshow, perfect for grabbing attention. (It’s layered with text and a shop link right up top.)

The header sticks with you as you scroll, which is super practical. There’s no need to scroll back to the top to reach the navigation – it’s always there.

There’s an Instagram feed to showcase your latest posts, plus a client reviews section to build trust.

The footer is black and features quick links, social icons, and a subscription widget.

Bijoux also has cool slider product pages, a blog, and a working contact form to keep everything connected.

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How To Make A Fashion Website With Squarespace

Building a fashion website with Squarespace is an exciting way to showcase your style or brand.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Sign up for Squarespace: Visit the Squarespace website and create an account. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, starting with a trial to experiment freely before purchasing.
  • Choose a template: Browse through the Squarespace fashion template collection above and select a design that best represents you. Look for features that will complement the fashion content you plan to showcase, like image-heavy designs for portfolios or shop features for eCommerce.
  • Customize your design: Use Squarespace’s editor to customize your template. Adjust layouts, add new pages, and modify design elements like fonts and colors to match your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Add your content: Upload high-quality images and create engaging text representing your fashion brand. Include pages like About, Contact, Blog, and Shop to provide more information and engage visitors.
  • Set up an online store: If you sell products, you can set up an online store by adding product listings, setting up payment options, and configuring shipping methods. Squarespace provides tools to manage inventory and process orders easily.
  • Preview and publish: Preview your website to ensure everything looks and functions well. When satisfied with the design and content, hit “Publish” to make your fashion website live.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Fashion Templates

    Can I sell products directly from these templates?

    Yes, Squarespace templates often come with built-in eCommerce capabilities, allowing you to create product listings, manage inventory, and process payments directly through your website.

    Can I customize the templates to fit my brand?

    Yes, Squarespace provides extensive customization options. You can modify layouts, change colors and fonts, and add images and content to align the template with your brand’s identity.

    Are Squarespace fashion templates mobile-ready?

    Yes, all Squarespace templates are designed to be fully responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to look great on desktops and mobile devices.

    Do I need to know how to code to use Squarespace templates?

    No, Squarespace templates are designed for easy use without needing to code. However, they also offer an advanced settings area where you can add custom CSS if you choose.

    How do I optimize my Squarespace fashion website for search engines?

    Squarespace provides SEO tools to help you optimize your site. These tools allow you to add meta tags, customize page titles and descriptions, and use clean URLs, all of which are beneficial for SEO.

    Is there support available if I have trouble with my template?

    Yes, Squarespace offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email. There’s also a comprehensive help center with guides, video tutorials, and community forums for additional assistance.

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