11 Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins 2023


You can enhance your website with more awesome visuals by picking any of the following free WordPress Instagram plugins. You can use your profile or someone else’s as the source. Also, blending Instagram posts into your blog or website does not require much work.

The question is: Are you on Instagram? If not, you might be missing a ton of targeted promotion. The popular photo and video-sharing medium can benefit all creative individuals and firms. It is a fantastic platform for spreading your name. Besides, if done correctly, any company can use Instagram for good. It gets you on a more personal level with your audience, especially now with the stories and reels. Be experimental and artistic, and you might soon witness great things happening for your business only by using Instagram.

The free WordPress Instagram plugins link the social media platform to your page easily. You can decide whether you would like your Insta feed to display in the sidebar, the footer, or even in posts and pages. Depending on the plugin, you can select which photos you want to display and how many. You can even pick your preferred style. For instance, you can choose the carousel or grid view. With the account information, you can introduce any profile to your website and have their visual content entertain you.

Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Websites

Let’s look at the best free Instagram plugins for WordPress you can download today.

1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Balloon instagram feed for wp website

Smash Balloon is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins for implementing feeds from different accounts to your website. Its only limitation is that it cannot display private accounts, which is obvious. You can also use Smash Balloon to show single or multiple feeds. Each account can have its feed for agencies, or you can combine all accounts and use only one feed. That depends on what your website is all about. Bloggers want to display only their feeds, while agencies might display their clients’ feeds. Each account can have its feed for agencies, or you can combine all accounts and use only one feed.

Smash Balloon makes galleries appear beautifully on any screen resolution. It is fully responsive, readjusting its size in an instant. With the shortcode options, you can modify each Instagram feed separately. That way, you can make it naturally mix with your layout. You can show thumbnails, medium or full-size pictures. At the top of the feed, you can have a stunning header. At the bottom, users will find the follow button.

Smash Balloon - example of instagram fee inside WordPress website

Growing your Instagram profile on your websites is possible. With a beautiful Smash Balloon, you can regularly update your page or blog with new content. Along with the primary content, this could be a way to encourage your visitors to keep returning or to start following you on Instagram.

Main Smash Balloon Features

  • User-Friendly: The plugin is designed to be simple to set up and use, even for those with no coding experience.
  • Customizable: Users can tailor the appearance of their Instagram feed to match their website’s design, with options to customize the width, height, number of photos, number of columns, image size, background color, and more.
  • Responsive: The photo feed is fully responsive, meaning it will adapt to different screen sizes and look good on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Multiple Instagram Feeds: You can display multiple Instagram feeds on your site, each with its own settings. This is useful if you want to show feeds from different Instagram accounts or different types of content.
  • Instagram Stories: Some versions of the plugin offer the ability to display Instagram stories, providing a more interactive experience for your website visitors.
  • “Load More” Button: Visitors can load more content directly from your Instagram feed without leaving your website.
  • No API Key Needed: Initially, the plugin could work without needing an Instagram API key, making it more straightforward to use. However, changes in Instagram’s API might affect this feature.
  • Regular Updates: Smash Balloon is known for keeping their plugins updated with the latest features and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.
  • Active installations: 1M+

    Social feed gallery for instagram with multiple layout options

    Adding a stunning Instagram Gallery to your WordPress website can improve your web design. With a free WordPress Instagram plugin, you can instantly make it happen. Social Feed Gallery allows you to display up to 20 images on a page, and you can also set how many photos you would like to showcase per slide. You can also choose to display your pictures on your website as a gallery or a carousel slider, whatever you prefer. In addition, you can choose pick-up images either from an Instagram profile or from a hashtag.

    Once you install the plugin, you need to generate an Instagram access token first and then add it to the plugin. To add Instagram Gallery to your website, copy and paste the shortcode. You can even use it in the widget’s area.

    Active installations: 80,000+

    3. Social Slider Feed

    Social slider feed for displaying Instagram posts on your WordPress website

    As the name suggests, Social Slider Feed is a free WordPress Instagram plugin to help you import your 12 latest images into your WordPress website or blog. With the extension, you can display content in a slider or thumbnails and boost your already outstanding site experience. You can display pictures from a public Instagram account or use a relevant hashtag. Of course, the widget is also fully responsive and compatible with all modern web browsers.

    Other features of Social Slider Feed are as follows: the option to sort images by popularity or date or randomly, no API key, and the option to link images to an Instagram profile, custom URL or no URL at all. You can then see your Instagram photographs appear on your web space. All it takes are four simple steps to install and activate the plugin.

    Active installations: 70,000+

    catch instagram feed gallery widget free plugin

    Social Gallery and Widget is another fantastic, simple, free WordPress Instagram plugin. This tool allows you to bring your Instagram images to your WordPress page. It works with a blog, an online magazine, or a business website. In short, it is a two-in-one plugin offering you to create jaw-dropping galleries in posts and the widget area.

    The key features of Social Gallery and Widget are 100% mobile readiness and cross-browser compatibility. You can also display thumbnails and small or large images for up to 30 Instagram feeds. Follow a super straightforward installation process that will get you going quickly.

    Active installations: 20,000+

    5. Instagram Feed WD

    wd instagram feed free plugin

    Instagram Feed WD offers endless options. You can display Instagram galleries on your pages, posts, sidebars, and footer. Drag and drop the widget or place the shortcode where you would want the Insta feed to appear on your website. The Instagram feed can be based on the account or the hashtag.

    One cool feature of Instagram Feed WD is the download option, which means users can save any Insta post they like. For feeds, pagination, or load, more options are available.

    With Instagram Feed WD, you can present photos and videos and customize the feed to follow your website’s design. To unlock the plugin’s full potential, upgrade to the pro version.

    Active installations: 30,000+

    6. Feed Them Social

    feed them social free plugin

    Feed Them Social is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for all social media platforms, including Instagram. Installation and setup are easy as pie. With just the tiniest amount of effort, you can display Instagram feeds of just about anyone on your website. You can feature your favorite company’s, celebrity, or, most importantly, Insta feeds. There is no limitation on how many feeds you want to insert into your page. Do as many as you like.

    With the free Feed Them Social Instagram plugin for WordPress, you can place social feeds on any page, in the posts, or on the sidebar. Feed Them Social allows you to create codes for any feed you want by using the quick and efficient shortcode generator. Customize font colors, share Instagram options, and add follow buttons above or below the feeds. It all comes very easy with Feed Them Social, a simple-to-use product that will make inserting Instagram feeds to your blogs and business pages uncomplicated. Also, each feed you create with Feed Them Social is entirely mobile-ready.

    Active installations: 40,000+

    7. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget & Block

    instagram widget by wpzoom free plugin

    Want to have your outstanding Instagram feed featured on your even prettier website? That should not even be a question. Do it, test it, and see how well it performs with Instagram Widget by WPZOOM. It is a WordPress widget you can place anywhere on your website. In the demo, you will see how the one-, two-, and three-column versions and the full-width gallery, ideal for the footer section. What’s cool about Instagram Widget by WPZOOM is that you can customize the design using CSS and adapt it to your website design.

    With a simple widget like Instagram Widget by WPZOOM, adding an extra feature to your page will be struggle-free. It displays your latest Instagram posts, adding to your site’s user experience. It is advisable to read the instructions first to get familiar with how to authorize your Instagram profile. You will not have issues bringing your well-liked Insta feed to your fabulous WordPress blog.

    Active installations: 80,000+

    photo gallery by 10web free wordpress plugin

    Photo Gallery by 10Web is a full-blown solution for building outstanding galleries to add to your site or blog. Of course, your creation will be entirely responsive, beautifully displaying content on all devices, from handheld and up to desktop. Also, setting things up and leveling your website’s presence barely takes time. No prior experience is necessary to use and greatly profit from Photo Gallery by 10Web successfully.

    What’s also cool about this free WordPress plugin is that it supports 3rd-party platforms. Indeed, you can also employ Photo Gallery by 10Web to present your Instagram content on your page. You only need to copy and paste the link and are ready to go. Last but not least, the plugin also gives you control over the design so that you can style it according to your style effortlessly.

    Active installations: 200,000+

    9. Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget

    meks easy instagram widget free wordpress plugin

    Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget is one of the easiest free WordPress Instagram plugins. Instead of spending a fee to display your Instagram content on your website, you can do it at no charge. With Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget, you get to set different parameters and design improvements so that the end product appears as beautiful as possible on your website or blog. There is no need for technical knowledge, as the plugin will never ask you to perform advanced tasks. Very newbie-friendly, if you will.

    Moreover, Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget lets you capture images by username or hashtag. Keep in mind, it supports multiple accounts and hashtags, mixing and matching content from different locations. You can also set how many images you want to display and the spacing between images. Finally, Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget comes with built-in caching, too.

    Active installations: 30,000+

    10. Enjoy Instagram

    enjoy instagram free plugin

    With Enjoy Instagram, you can use either the carousel or the grid view (with a lightbox effect). Display feeds based on hashtags or accounts for as long as they are public; otherwise, nothing will show. The free Instagram plugin exclusive for WordPress users has a widget and a shortcode. This means that it makes the integration of any Instagram feed into your web page the simplest process imaginable. Add accounts’ amazing posts to your pages, inside your blog posts, and on the sidebars. You can even embed a particular Instagram feed to a specific post and make it not appear elsewhere on your page.

    With Enjoy Instagram, you will enjoy the impact Instagram can have on your website even more. Enjoy Instagram’s shortcode will appear in the editor, so you can use it wherever you want—in the beginning, somewhere in between, or at the bottom of a post or page. You can set the number of Instagram posts you would like Enjoy Instagram to show. Moreover, there is an option to activate or disable navigation in the carousel view. The number of columns and rows is also customizable to find the ideal solution for your page.

    Active installations: 10,000+

    11. Intagrate Lite

    instagrate to wordpress free plugin

    When you use Intagrate Lite, you do not create your API client. Intagrate Lite covers the technical work’s central part, making it newbie-friendly. In other words, anyone can use the plugin to merge Instagram posts with their WordPress blog. Improving your website’s appearance and growing your audience is a simple task. Avoid doing it manually, and let Intagrate Lite plugin take care of your posts.

    Intagrate Lite lets you customize post titles and body text and manually set the last images from your feed. You can link images to Instagram or save them to your WordPress media library. Every picture you save to the media library can also be set as a featured photo. When setting Intagrate Lite up, you log into your Instagram to authorize the plugin and let it access your content. Intagrate Lite will never ask for your username and password, making it safe and secure. Like most other free WordPress Instagram plugins in this collection, Intagrate Lite also comes with the pro version called Lite.

    Active installations: 5,000+

    Conclusion: Which is the best Instagram Plugin for WordPress

    In wrapping up our exploration of Instagram Feed WordPress plugins, we’ve delved into two standout options: Social Feed Gallery and Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed. Both plugins offer robust features to beautifully display your Instagram content on your WordPress site, but your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

    Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed may be the ideal choice if you prioritize a straightforward setup with a broad range of customizable options and responsive design. Its user-friendly interface and ability to display multiple feeds with varying configurations make it a versatile solution for any website.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for a plugin that focuses on simplicity and ease of use, perhaps with a slightly different feature set or aesthetic, Social Feed Gallery could be the way to go. It might offer certain unique functionalities or design elements that align more closely with your site’s branding and design ethos.

    Ultimately, the decision should be based on which plugin aligns best with your website’s goals, design, and user experience. Consider the specific features you need, such as support for Instagram Stories or a particular type of feed layout, and weigh them against each plugin’s customization and support. Choosing the plugin that best fits your requirements will ensure that your website visitors enjoy a seamless and engaging experience as they interact with your Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

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